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The muse is one of the aspects I had already met in my "fictional" books. She showed me frenzy and made me write a complete E-Book in 17 days. It's called "Der Kuss der Muse" ("Kiss of the muse"). When captain obvious came back in December 2020, I was thrilled to say the least! With her, the embodiment of CREATIVITY, I talked about the Arts and artists, and she talked in great detail about flow and how to get it (without drugs of course!!)

She lamented the fact that she is shunned, not listened to, forgotten and not taken seriously by most - even by those who claim to search for her.

If you pursue ANY kind of creative work, this month is your month. The muse invites you to sit down, shut up(!) and let her be the genius she is. Through your violin. Your pen. Your colours and photos and dances and thoughts.

Interview month: 7/7

As soon as the other interviews are completely online, I will fill up this section. Please be patient.

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