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Jormungandr - Day 14


Today was very demanding, emotionally. But I didn't know that at the beginning of the session, so looking back on yesterday's session, I happily blurted out: "On the side of my van, there would be a huge picture or a logo of 'The Travelling Scribe'."

It took a long while for an inner picture and an answer to form in my head.

J: [weakly] That is nice. I told you, you can have everything.

At that point, I was worried. Something was off. Normally, Jormungandr sends me the mental image of his magnificent, 9-meter-long serpent form. But the first picture I got today was that of sandy, crusted eyes. A tiny, thin animal laying in the dust at my feet. It looked close to death. Heart-wrenching. For several minutes I doubted this image.

T: What's wrong?!

J: I'm weak. Our time is nearing its end.

T: But it has only been two weeks!

J: Because I am so near to the embodied souls like you, this aspect of me can be hurt. It can perish. By giving you my secrets, by telling you my story, I weaken myself. But I do it anyway.

T: [cries] Is there nothing I can do to help you? Crawl into my lap, dear snake. Rest. I worry about you. But how can it be that you lose energy? Surely you could tap into more energy?

J: Other parts of me can. And they do. But the part of me that is able to speak to you so directly now is too far down. It is 'in story'. This is the lowest we can go. But you learn greatly from our sacrifice. That's why we do it. There was once a man so completely 'in story' that he was born into a body. You called him Jesus and he will long be remembered by your kind.

The books you write about people like him are not holy because of his mentioning. They are holy because thousands of masters went 'in story' to help them get made. They sacrificed a portion of themselves for their part of the lore. These books teach of energy and nothing else. And you have omitted teachings. Meanings were changed for the worse. The worst audacity or atrocity humankind has EVER committed is taking our teachings and knowingly adapting them to their needs. Their agendas.

But there's hope. So many want to look behind the lies. So many born scribes search the old, the original meanings. The heart knows when it is deceived by a story. You turn from them in disgust. In this way, turning away from the Bible, the Qu'ran or the Thora is your right. Not because the master's intentions were unimportant, but because powerful religious (and political) voices have led you too far from the original teachings. Your souls are attracted to truth. It's like magnetism. You (as a people) are now given back much of the original material in a much shorter timeframe. That's why there is new information literally every day.

T: Was that the most important message of today? I feel so sad and confused right now. I feel so sad for you!

J: Don't. Others – and other parts of me – will bring bits and pieces of their most important truth to you, too. The Elves were only the beginning, and I was just the next step up.

T: I can't for the life of me imagine what else could be coming my way that is even greater, wiser, and more astonishing than you, dear Jormungandr.

J: I can. But for now, wear my symbol. It gives me strength.

To me, the idea that humans could very well say: "I am going in-story" when they are born opened a completely new concept to me. After all, we already say IT'S YOUR LIFE'S STORY! That is the very definition of incarnated life. A new story - to experience and tell. That Spirit can also do this should have been clear to us. Later in my interviews, this idea will resurface.

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