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Jormungandr - Day 6


For the first time, I visited my Grandma in her new home for the elderly. Sadly, she is developing dementia. So understandably, my first question today revolved around this.

T: What is dementia, dear snake?

J: Dementia is not so much about forgetting as it is about remembering lost things. Everything comes to the surface. It's the beginning of timeless thought. They are not 'out of order' – they just seem to be from your standing point. YOU still want to force order on them, but they choose to be free-flowing in thought. Dementia is the death of the rational brain. What is left is pure emotion.

T: Thank you so much for these words. Now, what is the most important message of the day?

J: It is this: I can be there for you, even when you're troubled.

T: Honestly, I was worried if I would be able to channel at all, with all this emotional turmoil going on. Seeing a loved one deteriorate is not easy.

J: I might be a large snake, but you can still tell me of little problems. Do you not see the rapid change you're in? Change is faster than lightning at the moment.

T: I feel it. Often. But what is in it for you? Why do you concern yourself with my little problems?

J: [smiles] What is in it for me ... A better image maybe? A little more understanding for my nature? Just because I create balance does not mean that I do so without explaining myself. When I explain, you have less reason to hate me. And hating me is a waste of energy. It hinders you from growing. You know, I am NOT the one choking earth right now. All your problems you have created on your own. I do not act in that sense. I react, but this I do thoroughly. You hate me being thorough. You would much rather have me blind to your transgressions. Fighting me means fighting yourself, for I am your mirror.

[The serpent shows me a symbol I have never seen before. It looks like an Ouroboros has a child with the Yin & Yang, but with two snakes, a sun and a moon. After our session, I doodled it into my notebook. As you can see, I'm a total Rembrandt reborn! LOL]

T: How do we achieve more balance then?

J: Take meat for example. Some people say: "No meat, not ever!" Others say: "I eat ALL the meat I crave!" This is imbalance. I - the personification of balance - say:

You can have exactly as much meat as you can harbour, house, feed, and care for animals WITHOUT oppressing them or the people who do all this. You can slaughter as many animals as you can find souls to do this WITHOUT a system that presses them to.

[Timer goes off.]

T: Dear snake, more tomorrow?

J: So it shall be.

T: Thank you. For everything.

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