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The Elves - Day 4


Since the new chapter of my channeling book "Herzlicht" was about spirit animals, I sent a distinct thought of invitation to my spirit animal before I even reached the door to Elhin's house. A mere second later, a horse came running! My objection that I didn't like horses was wiped away. The black horse quickly turned into a woman, slipped through the door with me and played with the Dragonchild on the floor. When I cautiously asked why it had to be the horse of all animals, they said: Horses are unstoppable. They are used to long, continuous and hard work.

Since I was out for a walk with my friend A. today, I immediately asked my most pressing question: Am I - as she says - the CHRONICLER of the elves?

Moira: Yes. You are the first and only scribe of this point in the grid of ideas. In the morphic field. You were born for this. Other scribes work with other points on the grid in other corners of the world, but this is yours. Your mission. You manifest the story the elves have to tell.

T: So why were there so many mistakes in the first edition? For example, that awful thing with the times and dates? And stylistically it could also have been better.

M: We are not responsible for numbers and dates. And you were a complete beginner. It was your first piece of the puzzle and you hardly knew what you were doing - not to mention the implications of your work.

To make things easier in the future, Elhin and Moira widened my channel. Strengthened my antenna, if you will. Oh man, that feels awesome! Like someone pushes aside a heavy curtain and let the sunshine in. Immediately I could hear them better and concentrate better. In this completely relaxed state, I was even allowed to make a wish.

Since I like garden loungers for meditation, but they are a bit narrow and uncomfortable in the long run, I wished for a really great lounger for my creative room. Let's see when that comes into my life! If the next few days of the challenge continue anything like the ones I've had so far, I really will be at a completely new point in my own personal history in a month's time.

However, there also was a scary part today. Because Elhin and Moira also said: Similar to the Neverending Story, they really need my help urgently! If I am the only one who can access this story, then I must help it manifest. And I need to do it as fast as I can! Dismayed, Moira added: We're on a real tipping point. Time is running out for this particular story point to be accessible. Because the grid is shifting and there is nothing we can do about it. It will continue to exist, and we will not cease to exist either, but the grid will have been rearranged. It will be different. People trigger the shift of the morphic field without wanting to. You are tearing down something that you do not understand, as you so often do. Everything will be affected by it. It is not the spiritual people who trigger a positive shift. It is the non-spiritual people who trigger this rather unpleasant, massive shift. Therefore, tell others to listen to us - to the well-meaning voices in their heads."

I've honestly been begging to be bothered with parts of the Dragonchild story more often and more forcefully. It's not like I'm trying to fight back, but often I don't have a strong impulse. That has to change. It's okay if it pushes me!

Shockingly, Moira finished by saying: Nothing can really hurt us or bury us or end us. Except if you stop writing for us. If you quit, then another soul would have to be born to work with us. That would cost us a lot of precious time.

[That these few small words "to work with us" have a much larger scope, and that they were not referring to just the Elves and the dragon child legend, I understood many months later. If there's one thing I've learned from talking to the aspects, it's that they NEVER just talk about your little question in just this moment ...]

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