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Reaching Out an der Sonne

Guided Meditations

Channelling (literally meaning to draw down divine information from All-that-is) is a skill. That means, it can be taught and learned with a little effort! Even as a total beginner, even if you have never even meditated before, you can achieve astounding results on your first try.

How do I know this? Well, throughout the last few years I've led a few dozen people into the kind of meditation I use to get in touch with my inner world. I love to seduce people into meditating and getting them to ask their most pressing questions. Within 40 minutes- my normal session length - I've been witness to fascinating first contacts between my students and their inner world. I have witnessed them meet loved ones who have already passed, reconnect with aspects of themselves and get profound answers, why they are who they are and stand where they do. Many of these students had never meditated prior to meeting me.

For me, channelling is quite simply the most important skill I possess - directly after reading and writing. And I firmly believe that everybody should have the opportunity, to see what I've been given as an example of what's possible; so you can then venture out and discover your never ending inner well of knowledge, trust, wisdom and love.

A special form of meditation

With Yoga and meditation apps, the concept of getting quiet is now (finally) a part of everyday life in western societies. There are now tons of resources, online and offline, to learn about the kinds of meditations and why it can be so beneficial for body, mind and spirit. I cannot list them all right here, but on the "BOOKS" page you can find some excellent recommendations and books that helped me on my journey, too. Google and YouTube are also great to get to know some basics.


The kind of meditation I use never ceases to fascinate me. It's called the "magic meadow". In this kind of meditation, the goal is NOT to shut off every thought or picture in your mind, but to build a scene before your inner eye. The goal of the magic meadow is very simple: Your magic meadow is your safe space. You are the king or queen of your land. Of course, it doesn't have to be a meadow, but this picture is easy to build from memory and almost everybody likes standing on a meadow on a sunny day, right? The magic meadow alone can calm and relax you, and this can be very beneficial for stressrelated issues or anxieties. (It is required by law that I put a legal disclaimer here that I am not a doctor and don't claim to be.)

The magic meadow as a technique was designed by German psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Meyer MD. He helped his patients heal trauma and understand family issues with this technique. But I think you don't need to be diagnosed with severe trauma to benefit from using a simple technique like this! I think that KNOWING proceeds healing. Only if you know that a dislocated shoulder must be popped back into its socket, you can brace yourself for the doctor doing it so you can heal properly. Luckily, meditation does not feel like getting your shoulder fixed. Quite the opposite. ;) The only tears I have seen are tears of joy, love, compassion and understanding. And it all starts with the question you ask when you stand on your meadow. Because I guarantee you: the "person" able to answer your question lives on this meadow.


At some point I couldn't just stand by any more and I made this video. Everything I think to know about the magic meadow and how it can especially benefit creative people (I am an author, after all), I put in this video. Unfortunately I only have a German version so far. I plan to film this talk in English, soon!

(A free, guided meadow meditation can be found here, but the crucial question/answer element is missing of course!)

Optionen & Preise

Wenn du unbedingt mal unter vier Augen mit mir meditieren möchtest, dann ist das grundsätzlich möglich. Schau dir aber auch an, welche Meditationen ich auf YouTube hochgeladen habe und ob du dir vorstellen könntest, dem Anubis-Projekt beizutreten. In der Anubis-Community helfen sich die Fans des Anubis-Materials gegenseitig mit ihren Talenten und ihrem Wissen - kostenlos natürlich!


Eine Sitzung mit mir findet normalerweise per Videocall (Skype) statt und dauert  ca. 90 Minuten. Etwa 45 Minuten davon sind wir aktiv unterwegs auf deiner Zauberwiese, dazu kommen Vor- und Nachbesprechung. Eine solche Einzelsitzung kostet 79 Euro. 

Wenn du dich im Großraum Rhein-Main persönlich mit mir treffen möchtest oder ein ganz anderes Arrangement suchst, sprich mich bitte über das Kontaktformular an!

Meet me in person - The Mentoring Club

The COVID-19 pandemic made some interesting changes to everyday life and the way we meet people The German Founders of use widely available videoconferencing tools like Google Meet to bring experts from many fields and students together.

Most importantly, The Mentoring Club is and remains FREE for the mentées (students). But there is only one mentoring session (45-60min.) per week for one person.

Depending on how many people would like guided meditations via zoom or similar videoconferencing tools, I might set up classes with more participants in a few months. It's all a process! :)

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