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About the project

How it all began ...

How do you begin a project that you didn't want to write in the first place? How do you tell people about a book series that you resisted until the very end? I asked long and often not to have to make this project public. Especially not under my real name. Yet I am an author with heart and soul. Until the start of this series, however, I had a great advantage:

I was told the most beautiful stories. At night in dreams. And also during the day. In between. Right as I was typing. At some point I realised that in these moments I had drifted into phases of a certain kind of meditation. Into a kind of flow. In these states I never had to worry about who was playing in the story, what exactly was happening and what the tension should be. Everything was simply delivered to me free of charge. From my brain, I believed. That doesn't just sound incredibly practical, it was.

And then I found out who was speaking.

Bit by bit, I understood the principle behind my work as a storyteller. For not only did I take dictation, as it were - a very nice dictation that I was happy to write down - I soon had to realise that I had little say in the projects. This became most obvious when novel characters said or did something I would never have expected just two seconds before! They had their own personality, their own experience, including vocabulary, beliefs and desires. And they pursued them - no matter what I wanted for the book.
I found out that there is indeed a word for it: Discovery writer. It's not even that special. Many writers openly (or by implication) admit that this is how they work and do NOT plan their books. So at this point, I'm not special at all (nor am I special in any other way, as you'll see).

Then, in the spring of 2020, my experience changed significantly. Simply put, the book characters I have been entertained by and provided with stories for over 10 years have taken me aside in my daily meditations. This kind of meditation also has a name that I have actually known for a long time - channelling. Channelling means "meditation with a guest", and this guest is very happy when you ask him about God and the world! In these 40 minutes of channelling, I was explained in detail what exactly my book characters are and how creativity works. Why people indulge in this strange little pastime of staring at slickly rolled cellulose pages smeared with ink in a recurring pattern. Why they 'make up' stories, pass them on and read them. Why people guard books as if they were made of pure gold, even though no practical knowledge seems to have been written down in them.
It's about how to concretely create works that will stand the test of time. How to grab ideas from the stars, put aside one's own will, and create out of nothing what many people long for without even being able to put it into thoughts or words. And that was just the first of seven months of hard, incredibly fascinating work. That is why this project exists.

This work is not fiction. It is a journal. A journey through 7 times 30 days that changed the planet and me. The planet, because in May 2020 the first Corona wave was in full swing in Europe. And me, because this month was the prelude to a meditation-based journey that even now - months later - I still find very hard to put into words.

All major religions paraphrase the following idea: when nothing works on the outside, turn inwards. Without fully realising it at the beginning, that's exactly what I did during my "Channelling Challenge". The reward for this daily journey inwards was a level of knowledge that I could not have dreamed of myself - literally. Since it was quickly impressed upon me that I must publish the resulting texts, you now hold the result in your hands.
So I have only one request: get involved.
If the world behind the veil has a deep fascination for you.
If you want to decipher the mystery of creativity and make it useful to you.
And if you also want answers at last - to all the questions you can formulate in your whole life.

There are three basic ideas that you should always keep in mind when reading this book series:

1) If you feel it, believe it.
Not every sentence has to be made for you. Some words will bother you and in some places you will know deep down that YOUR reality is different from mine. That's perfectly okay. Only you know what you need or search for. But if a sentence gives you goosebumps all over your body, do yourself a favour and explore the world that lies within that sentence. Don't put my words on a pedistile. Instead, use them to build your own beautiful stairway into your very own, very personal heaven inside you.

2) I am not wiser than you.
The words on this website are full of deep wisdom, but as the author or the scribe, I was just as much the recipient you are now. I'm not all that wise, I'm just a normal woman. A normal mum. Terribly curious, but otherwise quite normal.

3) What I can do, you can do, too.
You most probably only forgot how it's done.

Why do the seven spirit guides present themselves like this?

In the course of my interviews with the seven spiritual beings, whom I call the "aspects", one thing became increasingly clear: spiritual beings can and do adapt themselves to the personal preferences of the one they're trying to teach. As they themselves explained to me, it would have made no sense to put an archangel in front of me, because I absolutely feel no need to talk to archangels! If modern spirituality teaches us anything, it's that everyone gets things served the way they need them - and above all, in a way they can accept. I wouldn't talk to Archangel Michael, I would walk away shaking my head. Others would maybe see all their wishes fulfilled, I wouldn't enjoy it. That's just the way humans are! We have assumptions about what is possible, likeable and probable for us, and what is not. And apparently it was easier for my mind to talk to a snake about nine metres long called Jormungandr than to a human with goose wings of nine metres wingspan. Well. Everybody really does get their will, right?
And while we're at it: The religions of this world don't necessarily get away well here. As most people who work with the spiritual world "hands-on" and with real experiential knowledge, I already know my way around. I have no patience whatsoever for priests who tell me SINFULLY wrong things about their very unloving god.

Faith is something wonderful that I want to promote. Religion, in its current form, is a system of blackmail that ideally will be abolished soon. This is also addressed in several conversations, especially with "Lillysander", the spirit of love; and the "Council of Colours".

Who is "The Spirit Scribe" ?

If I had to publish this material (and I was STRONGLY advised to), I wanted to reveal as little of myself as possible. An ingenious thought, right? After all, within 7x 30 days I allow other people to look into the innermost part of my own soul! However, it wasn't possible to hide the fact that I am an author with a husband and son from Germany who hears voices and uses them to write fantasy books about Elves ... because said Elves take centre stage right during the first month!

One Google search tells you that the names my teachers use during month one are their very names from my series of novels called "The Dragonchild". After that, it's easy to find my other website and efforts on the net. So I had to put the idea of anonymity out of my head soon. But that doesn't matter. I've made my peace with it.

I've learned over the years that honesty is more important than keeping up the appearance of normality. Now, it's more important to me that those two projects are "neatly separated", or as neatly as can be. It would have been nonsensical to cram this project in with my other, "fictional" projects (and that would also have blown up my website mercilessly). Also, the target groups do not really match all that well.

So what you can read on these pages is the direct result of my seven-month challenge and the conversations that took place during those 7 x 30 days. It was soon brought to my attention that it is seven months because we have seven (main) chakras. However, these did not come to me in order - you just can't have everything at once I guess. :D

The "order of appearance" looks more like this:



Wie die Gespräche mit den Aspekten aufgebaut sind

Since I had to deal with conversations right from the start and often with more than one aspect at once, I had to find a text form at least somewhat familiar to people. So I began marking the sentences in which I am the thinker and speaker with "T:" for "Tanja" and my counterpart, for example, with "M:" for the muse, "L:" for Lillysander, etc.

In addition, the answers from the spiritual world are set in bold letters, because they are much more important than my questions and comments. Where something essential, or beautifully lyrical is said, sentences are also underlined.

So, if you're not sure whether you want to read about a certain aspect or not, you should definitely find some underlined sentences and read them first. Cross-reading is allowed and encouraged in this project! :) However, I don't necessarily recommend jumping back and forth between the months, because of course in month number seven a lot is said about other conversations that happened before. If you don't mind that, of course you are welcome to jump in where you are most drawn to!

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