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[The harpy sits in a huge cage today.]

T: Woah, I didn’t put you in there.

H: Oh yes, you did. Quite often in the past. Others put me in this kind of cage, too. And I can’t always blame them for it, because outside the cage, I can wreak havoc on your life.

T: But now you look rather defeated ...

H: [growls] I’m sitting in a goddamn cage, what do you expect?

T: Were you in there these last few days? Is that why we didn’t meet?

H: No, not really. And it’s not the Minotaur’s fault, either. We get along very well, actually.

T: So who was it?

H: I just want you to feel this today. Feel the difference, when I’m near but unable to act.

T: Suddenly I feel this big knot in my stomach.

H: Very good. This is what it feels like when you draw your FIRE too far up into the wrong chakra – the third one. I burn everything there. This can go on for decades. And what do you get from it?

T: An ulcer?

H: For example, yes! Or gastritis. Or similar unwanted things!

T: I’ll admit, I’m a little anxious to let you out of there now.

H: Why? I’ve been a good partner in our conversations these last few days. We see eye to eye.

T: Christians would probably say now that this was all a show you put on so that I’ll happily release you.

H: Comedians. Who of us is one of the most crippling plagues of mankind, huh?

T: Heh, I guess you’re right.

H: Okay, let’s be fair now. MAYBE that has happened in earlier times. Maybe, in some rare cases, someone called on aspects they couldn’t control for long. BUT: this has always come with a fair warning - before someone rubbed on the proverbial Dschinni’s lamp. Additionally, your free will is and will always be your strongest tool. If you will it, you can send the sun and the moon away from the sky (only temporarily, but hey!). You only get weaker if you don’t know what you want any more. And you are weakest, when you’re not really sure any more if that being you have attracted into your life should actually leave ... ;)

T: Okay, I get it. Please come out of this cage, dear harpy. But I’m warning you: Don’t tamper with my life.

[The cage explodes and the harpy steps out.]

H: That’s so much better.

T: Everything feels the same as it did 10 seconds ago. But the knot in my stomach is gone. Everything seems to flow more freely again.

H: What would I gain from scaring you with a demonstration of truly destructive anger? Or from influencing your life in another negative way? Like all the other aspects, I need you to be in a stable environment and an overall good situation, so you can do your work!

T: That makes sense. But tell me, where were you these last three days?

H: Just like the Elves, I’m not reachable every single moment in time. Everything else is a myth. Remember the »windows of opportunity«. You also didn’t go out of your way to be on time these last few days, I’ll have to add. Neither did you keep still for long.

T: Touché. I’ll try to do better. But now: Are there really Dschinnis on Earth??!

H: [grins diabolically] Well, wouldn’t you just love to know that. The Dschinni is like your »Sams« [popular German children’s book character resembling a child with a pig’s nose that can grant wishes for every blue dot on its face]. The Dschinni as a legend only shows you that you permanently wish for the wrong things out of the wrong reasons, using ill-fitting words.

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