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Honour the aspects


T: Dear harpy, please tell me more about demons.

H: Sure. I said that you can get help from the aspects. With me, for example, so you can work through anger issues. Or, if you need to cross an ocean, you could connect to the aspect of water. Naturally, this »blessing« (not a fitting word) can only get you so far. If it’s in your soul’s plan to drown in those waters, no aspect in all the world can help you. But they can help. And by the way: To receive this kind of »blessing« or help, you do have to offer a sacrifice of some sort – an energetic one! These stories about lambs or even sons being butchered? That’s some seriously questionable stuff! A few honest words or wishes, a dollop of gratitude, a few minutes of conscious energy transfer ... and your journey gets easier.

Why? Because you have approached that element of aspect knowing, acknowledging, and calm. Because you act honourably. Because you don’t stomp through the woods like a blind elephant, or cuss at the ocean like an egocentric sailor, or pick more from that plant than it can survive.

It all comes down to this simple rule: Someone who behaves nicely, will be invited again!

Is that so hard to understand? Oh, and by the way: What I’m saying here is no heresy. Who told you that the one God loves his visible children so much more than his invisible?

Just because you can interact with table, a chair, and a bed, that won’t cause the house to be jealous, right?!

T: Okay, I think I get it. Always work with the flow.

H: Go with the flow. Always.

T: Yes. So, what exactly happens when I take energy that I shouldn’t have?

H: Well, in that case, you don’t approach the aspect in a good way. In that case, you rip pieces out of it and drag them down on your level. I’m not going to omit that this can give you one hell of a boost. For a while. In the long run, nobody can hold the energy of an aspect. One, because those portions of energy are finite (think of the candle). And two, because you go crazy from this kind of influence.

We’re not talking about human energies, after all. We’re talking about chaotic bits and pieces. You really shouldn’t rip energy free of its organizational grid (aspect). That just won’t end well! Which is exactly why every book, every legend, every ghost story and every movie that touches on somewhat magical topics tells you about this since the beginning of time!

T: Give me examples.

H: The Flying Dutchman. Kryptonite. Every »I made a deal with the devil« film ever. Doctor Strange. Every DNA guinea pig flic (HULK etc.). The hero and the bad guy of the story are different because they get their powers in different ways. The hero is given his powers, while the bad guy usually takes them.

T: Hero vs. demon.

H: Exactly.

T: Wow.

H: »Take nothing to you that doesn’t belong to you. Not thought, not word, not energy.« Do you recognise this sentence?

T: Of course. It’s one of the laws of the Goddess, from my Dragonchild chronicle. I wrote it on the first page of book two, along with others.

[Back then I thought that this law explained, why my Elves don’t eat meat. Or that it talked about energy vampires of any kind. I never thought that it would fit so well on the aspects and their energy.]

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