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Jormungandr - Day 23


T: [angrily] I can't publish our conversation. I won't.

J: You promised.

T: I know. But it's too personal. Too complicated. Massive rewrites and many other issues.

J: Dolores Cannon had personal messages channeled, too.

T: Yeah? Well, even with those edited out her books have a thousand pages, so I don't see the point. If I edit out the personal stuff, there are only a few ideas and sentences left. I know writing is a soul striptease, but this just cannot be done. If I edit out my personal problems, there is no structure, rhyme or reason to the texts. If I don't put my name on it, I can never reference my own novels. And if simply call the Dragonchild series by another name, people will find out anyway. I can't win this.

J: Unless everything stays the way it is now.

T: Yeah ... great.

J: Has honesty not given you your new friend V.? Has connecting with others not made you sublimely happy?

T: Yes, but ...

J: But what? Everyone you look up to is honest. And spiritual. You don't have to make this about your marriage and relationships. Those parts can be left out easier than you think.

It’s fascinating to see how quickly the aspects can shut down your anger with surgical precision, never getting agitated our loud themselves. Because I did meet my friend V. exactly the way Jormungandr said. I was brave and volunteered to star in a German documentary about paranormal occupations and phenomena by the German filmmaker Johann Nepomuk Maier. It's called "Awareness". V. contacted him, and because she lives close by, he referred her to me. I have met many other people through showing myself and my work, but V. is my personal gem. A very dear friend I would not want to miss.

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