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Lillysander - Day 1


In addition to the harpy, I also met "Lillysander" today – a book character from a project I hold especially dear, but which sadly remains unpublished. When I met Lillysander, she immediately made it clear to me that she is one of many spirits of love. Back then I still thought my characters were all fictional, but well ... Meeting her again when I had not talked to her in so long felt like a revelation in and of itself!

Since the harpy was still present, too, the three of us goofed around a bit. At some point, the harpy stood behind me and spread her wings, making it seem like those huge black wings were mine.

Harpy: Well, Lilly, how does this look?

Lillysander: I love it!

Tanja: Ha, what else could YOU have said.

L: *grins* Not much.

T: I'm sorry, I'm doubting you guys again. Are you really there?

[Lillysander approaches me and places a finger on my solar plexus. The energy flow is AMAZING].

T: Woah!

[The aspect of love smiles at me with the power of a sun].

T: Thank you, that was great! Unfortunately, the withdrawal from your energy is really intense.

L: I know, I'm sorry.

T: Let me guess, you were holding back.

L: Of course I was. I have more love in my little finger than many people are given in a whole lifetime. Sadly! Because, you know, there REALLY is enough for everyone!

T: You'll stay with me for the next month?

L: Yes, with pleasure. Your invitation was loud enough.

T: I'm beginning to think that I really put myself out there when I proclaimed: "I'm open to everything and everyone who wants to talk!" back in May.

L: Oh, well ... it was a good thing for us. *grins* And for you too, of course, you feel that. Besides, you can invite more freely, the sturdier the walls of your house are. And on your level, only good things could happen. All the entities with negative frequencies didn't need to knock on your door, it would have been pointless for them.

T: Now that's a compliment! Dear Harpy, I hope you don't come up short today?

H: *walks by laughing* As I said, I am going to get my message out. Don't you worry.

T: I notice that you two never get close to each other. Aren't you basically opposites?

H: You're not wrong. Our energies repel each other to a certain extent. Like magnets.

L: And besides the fact that I CANNOT hate the aspect of anger because I am Love, I have an even better way of dealing with our differences. I understand why the harpy has to exist. That is even better than just tolerating or liking her.

T: I have missed you SO much.

L: I know. But I was with you! You did have me by your side every day ... In the form of your husband, your son, your girlfriends.

T: But I have missed our conversations. They are like cooling water in the desert.

L: I don't want to put my finger in the wound, but now you know why people read the Bible for comfort. Or "Conversations with God." Or your novels. Or Tolkien's, Or so many others. There used to be just the original Bible, and that's a fact of infinite sadness to me. That was the only thing that was given to them. All that remained of me. A lawbook.

T: We'll do better, I promise.

L: I'm looking forward to that. This is going to be GOOD!

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