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Stop, think, Feel, Decide


H: Do you know what empty words are? You feel it, but do you really know it? »Empty« words are those void of energy. Humans feel this, it’s very basic intuitive knowledge. But where is the difference? It is this:

Normally there’s

1) the thought

2) the word &

3) the action

It’s the holy trinity of manifestation.

But: If you utter empty words, you cut this chain after its second part. The energy stops there. It never comes to the deed, the action. And this, people can feel. It’s important that they do.

And honestly, you are often guilty of this minor crime, too. Because you feel the difference. You utter a »plan«, knowing it is none. Others don’t feel this and are then quite puzzled if you don’t do or show up as asked. Your husband does this to an even more extreme extent. But because he is a Stoic, there is no way of feeling his intention at the best of times. Your frustration is the same as others feel with you. And you know what? Just learn to say no from the start. Him, too. Just think it through at that moment (let’s be honest, it doesn’t stop the conversation THAT long) and then decide. Yes or no.

Such small words, such great impact.

T: Wow. Again, I’m totally baffled. Thank you so much for this insight!

H: I’m not done.

T: Oh ... okay.

H: Stop deciding for your child. You still make play dates if and when you desire. He will never learn this STOP – THINK – FEEL – DECIDE routine if you cut his process short. In this, your husband is right to be furious with you (and you are right to be furious with him for raising a couch potato).

I hope you stop yourself more often now. It will do you good.

T: I’ll try, honestly. Thanks. I’m sorry I wasn’t reachable these last two days.

H: That’s okay. I told you, I’ll get the important things said and done in time.

T: Oh, boy. Only one more week or so and our month is over! I just now realized!

H: Oh, you’ll LOVE your next guest, I guarantee you.

T: Oh sweet goodness. Is it ... love? I’ve had this feeling for a few days now. That »Lillysander«, the spirit of Love, will be back.

H: [smiles broadly] It will be similar. You will really, really, REALLY enjoy September.

T: My god, I’m overflowing with joy right now, and I haven’t even truly met this aspect yet! Oh ... also: Thank you for yesterday! For those last steps in the park on the hill, I really had to get all my anger working for me. Otherwise, I would have given up a few steps beneath the summit!

H: You’re very welcome. I told you ... »I’ll get you up the mountain if you can’t muster up any hope.« [She smiles diabolically.]

T: It was fantastic. I was SO done with these f.... steps! But you gave me the strength to climb every single one of them.

H: Well ... now you know a millionth of the power vested in me by All-That-Is. Just IMAGINE the price would have been bigger than two copper coins and a coke.

[On top of the hill was a vending machine for these tourist coins. You insert one Euro and five cent and the latter gets imprinted with a picture. My husband and I collect these coins. There was also a restaurant on top, where we enjoyed a very cold, much-needed Coke!]

T: Bwahahaha. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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