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The candle analogy


Yesterday, there was no connection to be had, but today I knew right from the start that the harpy was willing to get some work done. Why? Because of my playlist! First, »Lionheart« von Blind Guardian [»Speak to me! It all would be easier....«], then Sia’s »Burn The Pages« [»Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m here by your side. Yesterday is dead and gone« ...]

But she didn’t actually start talking to me.

T: Okay, if the next song is THAT fitting, too, then I know you’re doing this. So go on, dear harpy, time to outdo yourself!

The next song was Linkin Park’s »Talking To Myself«! I burst into laughter right on the spot. Then I began writing.

T: Well played.

[Blind Guardians »Sadly Sings Destiny« plays.]


The saddest figure

in all the worlds

must surely be


She does your bidding, you know?

She lets you go into harm’s way.

She lets you walk through fire ..

crying every day.

T: This is a beautiful poem, it even rhymes. But you seem weak today.

H: I am. I spent this portion of energy. It is decaying.

[»Till Death Do Us Part« von Sonata Arctica plays.]

T: That’s why you didn’t answer yesterday?

H: Yes. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. [She smiles sadly.] This thing called »existing«? In body? In story? This is so exhausting.

T: So spirits actually die ...

H: Yes. Every day. That tiny part of energy they separated from themselves to talk to you spends its energy and dissolves. Like wax in a candle.

[Wir sind Helden – »Ein Elefant für dich« plays. The heartbreaking song is about a woman who promises her terminally ill little brother that she will »carry him over the river (Jordan) like a tall and strong elephant when the time has come.«]

H: The snake showed you this concept. It is part of All-That-Is. Nobody says that the energy of the candle is completely gone. That is indeed impossible. And there will be a million candles made the very next day. But one speck of spirit, especially the ones you can see and hear? Yes, they »die«.

T: In this song, there is a promise. To be strong until the end. I want to give you the same promise. I want you and the other aspects that enrich my life to know, that I see you. I acknowledge your presence and I am ever grateful for it. I can be here for you, should you ever have the need.

H: Thank you, that is indeed very honourable of you. You know, most people go through their lives, completely ignore the specks of spirit on the side of the road and ask themselves where God is and why he doesn’t fulfil their wishes.

[»I am a man. In the grand scheme of things, only minutes have passed since I crawled from the sea ... what a wonderful gift my mind is. But why am I using it to destroy this beautiful planet – my ONLY home?« Sonata Arctica]

H: The truth is: Spirit cuts little pieces from itself EVERY DAY to protect you and communicate with you. This is the fact you choose not to see with almost malicious precision. I don’t want to be too hard on you. The world religions kept you in fear for thousands of years, until there was nothing left of this sweet, childlike faith you used to have. But in earnest: Be thankful more often. Acknowledge, that there is a BATTALION of spirits walking next to you every step of the way, HELPING you – if you only let it do its work. If you only listen to them whispering.

T: I don’t understand this! Why can’t these little specks just return to the other side of the veil and regenerate?

H: Have you ever returned an old, burned-down candle to the manufacturer?

T: No.

H: A candle cannot be made whole again in that sense. Because there is no container to hold new wax – should you have some. And even with all the wax in the world, you don’t get a real candle without a wick. It is simply not possible to revitalize a candle until it is the EXACT SAME candle you already used up. THIS EXACT candle is gone. But don’t worry: Where that candle came from, a billion more are made every day, ready for bringing light into your life. And of course, as a higher form of consciousness, All-that-is can split pieces from itself for all eternity without ever being any less than it was before.

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