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The Council of Colours - Day 1


Of course, I wanted to talk to the Master again, but it just didn't happen. So I decided to visit my flower meadow as an intermediate step. I wanted to go there mentally, but instead of a meadow, something entirely different built up before my inner eye - the surface of a blackish-grey, barren asteroid!

Since the white matrix usually obeys me, I was perplexed, but not worried. Immediately I noticed smoke-like shadows around me. I knew that they wanted to communicate with me, but it did not work out at first. Several times I had to ask these beings to widen my channel. Finally, I was able to go to the first being. It took the form of a pretty woman dressed in white with a blond side braid. She said, "I represent the colour white and all that it means." After 'black', the representatives of 'yellow', 'red', 'blue' , 'purple', 'brown' [not included on the rainbow spectrum actually?!!!] and 'green' then introduced themselves to me.

When I asked why I was here and why they showed up as personified colours, I got a lot of answers from the songs on my playlist - Imagine Dragons was playing then. The lyrics were incredibly spot-on in parts.

"We are your council", White, the pretty woman with the side braid, explained. "We're your eternal company."

T: And who am I?


[Imagine Dragons: "This is my kingdom come..."].

W: NEVER give up, okay? NEVER stop searching and finding us, do you hear me? No matter what happens!

[Imagine D.: "Whatever it takes ... I'll do whatever it takes ... you take me to the top, I'm ready ...]

Amused, she interjected between the music: "You know, we could also show ourselves as dragons, but we decided to do this instead. You didn't want you to be afraid."

Then it got really wild. All the colours together swirled around me and spun a new dress of rainbow-coloured webs around me.

[Music: "Take, take me over! Take me over, I don't want to wake up - it's just you and me! Only you and me."]

As they backed away, though, I felt something very strange. I was stuck in a kind of ice shell and couldn't move! I sensed that the others were waiting for something. They were obviously testing me.

"It's a matter of will to break the armour", White explained to me.

Chunk by chunk, again with the help of the music, I managed to crack the ice. There was no way I was going to fail now! Finally, I stood there, clad in an impossibly long rainbow dress, crying with joy.

[Music: ... ready for the colours to crumble away.]

T: What now?

White: Now we've done it. [She was visibly happy. The connection was made!]

[Music: I was hoping for an indication, I was seeking higher elevation ... The more I stray the less I fear ... I would always open up the door, always seeking higher floors ... RISE RISE RISE ... I'm bursting like the 4th of July, so color me and blow me away...]

T: So you are really good with music.

W: Music is energy and energy obeys us. We are its law.

At some point, I felt it was time to go. I just thought it, and immediately the Council of Colours reduced themselves into smoke figures again. It was all so fragile, so fleeting. I said my goodbyes to the smoke figures and thanked them from the bottom of my heart. In my new dress, I wished to travel back down from the asteroid and imagined Master Kei Yu's house....

T: Master, look! Look what the council gave me!

K: [very sad] That is very beautiful.

T: Why are you so sad?

K: Our time together is over.

T: [in shock]: Oh, god. NOW I understand. The council is the aspect of WISDOM! But I don’t want to end our talk so soon!

K: You may not have had me consciously up until now but you will now have me for eternity.

T: [sniffles]: Master, grant me knowledge.

K: I grant you the ultimate knowledge I have to give. The ultimate fact that you have never been and will not EVER be alone.

T:[cries openly] Thank you, Master. I will never forget you and your teachings!

If I hadn't had so many months of practice, I would have dismissed this meditation as complete and utter nonsense. Also, reading this, it is hard to imagine the energy that flowed in my direction. There is a level of experience that cannot be doubted because nothing in your life has ever been so REAL and yet so whacky. I guess we can only learn to live with the fact that the world of magic, dream interpretations, and symbolism are in fact the "real" reality (as the Aborigines, for example, explain to us over and over again!) and that we are living here in a pitiful, downscaled and cooled-down simulation of the real thing....

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