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"I am the end of apathy"


As I had loosely discussed with the World Serpent, I have taken July off from channeling and get back on track today. However, I have been receiving more or less subtle signs for several days now who my next "sparring partner" could be. For many days I have been finding feathers in my path - especially from birds of prey. (And I don't live in the wilderness or something!) The day before yesterday the guessing game was finally over ... the harpy showed herself.

[I have known the harpy from my "Dragonchild" novels. There, she already played a part. However, in the books she's an actress, playing the ego – a self-righteous bitch. It's important to note that the aspect, the actress, is not egotistical. She is not her role, just like all my other teachers that happened to end up in a fictional story.]

As always, I put on some good music, and one of the first songs was "Dynamite" by Sigrid – a very, very sad song that routinely makes me cry.

Harpy: Waah, waah, waaah. All this howling and sobbing!

Tanja: Hey, I like that song.

H: I don't know the frequency of self-pity, it's not mine. Or have you ever seen a sad, self-conscious or depressed harpy? However, I do like that she sings, "Know that I am dynamite."

T: So if sadness is not your thing, what is your frequency? What do you stand for?

H: Anger. Anger gives you strength. It gives you the kick to get into action. I am the end of all apathy.

T: Are you by any chance that eagle figure that, according to Norse legend, argues with the dragon- or serpent-like being under the world tree - or with Jormungandr?

H: Yes and no. The world serpent represents balance, but balance often means not acting and letting God/ coincidence/ others decide. I, on the other hand, basically want to move and act. This is indeed where Jormungandr and I disagree.

T: If there is a non-moving, balanced-out state and moving forward, then there should also be a third force that moves things backward?

H: A backward movement is also movement. Think of a stone. It's lying down, or it's rolling. There is no third state.

T: Thank you, now it makes sense! Are you THE harpy, then? The one from my dragon child books?

H: I am the concept of anger, yes. I am a pure urge, an impulse. Lately you humans have often been hearing that you need to make your peace with the "lower vibrations," and I'm a part of that. However, those who demonize anger do not understand that I am a protector. I am currently driving your young people, whom you are robbing of the air to breathe - and I don't mean that proverbially! Anger protects your sore spot. It's a watchdog. And a very effective one at that. I - the personified anger - appear when there is a weak point in you, which should have been eliminated long ago. I protect your most thickly encrusted issue. The completely stuck fear. BUT: You immediately realize that I cannot be seriously useful if I turn outward (against the aggressor). In the immediate moment, I can make sure that the sore spot is not addressed further, but in the long run, of course, this is not a tactic that allows for real progress. You need to STOP FIGHTING ME and use me for what I am. A weapon. Yes, even against others, but mostly against stagnation in the self. Anger and rage are not your enemies - if you turn them from guards to personal trainers!

An example: Imagine that you are currently not satisfied with your body weight.

T: I don't need much imagination for that ...

H: (grins) All the better. Now: if someone says something mean about your shape, I can come to the rescue that very minute and make you utter a tremendously juicy counter-comment.

T: (grins) Well, that doesn't sound like the Christian thing to do.

H: Well, duh! Where has the doctrine of "turn the second cheek" gotten you in 2000 years, huh?

T: Touché.

H: There you go. Back to the steps: as soon as the attacker is stopped cold, the inner process starts - IF you had secretly seen the need for action for a long time - and if nothing is disturbed in your natural anger process, which unfortunately is extremely common in your world. The topic gnaws at you. The next time you want to spend a whole day lounging on the couch, you get angry at yourself and your goddamn laziness. So you put on shoes and go for a walk or a run. Because really, you always liked that, didn't you? If everything works well, I'll give you more power than you would need for ANY humanly possible change in the universe. And that's why my very own sayings are:

"Where there's a will, there's a way." and "The power of one can move a mountain."

See you tomorrow.

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