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Rage in Lore and Apocalypse


[While getting into it, my thoughts traveled to my own deck of oracle cards, with the best quotes from World Serpents and Elves ...]

H: Well, if you want something done, do it yourself! ;)

T: Say, which chakra are you? Number 1?

H: Yes. Very much yes. I am an emotional flamethrower. I have wings to travel WHEREVER I please and claws to take you with me.

T: Whoa, wait! You take humans with you?

H: Yes, but similar to your thoughts about Jormungandr, you think about me all wrong. Being taken away by the claws of a bird of prey is NOT the detrimental thing your culture would have you believe. Children’s books and nature documentaries show you pictures of terrible, insane harpies (Ronja the Robber's Daughter / Astrid Lindgren) or almost apathetic birds carrying away fish. The lore says: Let the harpy out of its cage and lose your life and/or sanity. [This picture is painted in the Last Unicorn, too, for example.]

ONLY Tolkien of all people understood the concept of the kind of mercy a winged ›monster‹ [huge eagle] could bestow on you. In his lore, the giant eagle is – finally – an ally. I can be an ally for you – and a very powerful one. You just should not make yourself at home in my nest, metaphorically speaking, because who wants to reside in a castle of wrath on the inside? That’s not what balance is about, and I have never challenged the snake on this.

T: I’m surprised about the start of this round of channeling. Speaking to you is so effortless. I met you so quickly and easily. Why did you not speak to me sooner?

H: The disease [Corona] brought down several dams of mankind, creating an almost biblical flood of knowledge and information in this 21st century. And you, Tanja, are also right when you say that you’re fighting a silent, weaponless World War III – on SO MANY more levels than most people observe. If you DO consider an apocalypse to be accompanied by four »evils« (four bringers of balance), then I would be one of them.

The Bible talks of war, famine, death, and pestilence.

[I read up on this. Actually, in the original versions, the word JUSTICE was more prevalent!].

H: Do you understand?

War brings a new balance of power.

Famine brings a new balance of nourishment.

Death brings new life to ideas and

Pestilence brings ultimate equality.

Of course, this is an old concept. It’s just the TELLTALE signs on how to spot if you’re in an apocalypse. Because let’s be honest, humans can only wrap their heads around the fact that they are right inside an apocalypse if it hits them of the head. Some not even then.

Oh, and by the way: YES, anger runs rampage among those that believe they can lose something (other than their health and life and loved ones). That which they have borrowed – riches and earth-wrecking freedoms – must be given back now, and some children prove to be stubborn.

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