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Playing Tennis with a Burning Ball


T: [I’m getting no connection, I feel some serious rage or wrath bubbling up inside me.]

H: Wrath? You don’t even know wrath in Europe nowadays. Wrath is coming home to your village and every single one of the inhabitants has been slaughtered along with your family. Wrath is raising seven children, only to see them all get killed by the whims of a delusional maniac.

Wrath? No ... you don’t know wrath.

So it’s a good thing that wrath is not a prerequisite for talking to me. I also do not serve anger in this way. The aspect of anger has no reason to be angry itself.

And I also don’t revel in it. Humans cannot feed me with their anger, they can only borrow from me – my wings for example. We talked about them.

I give the black angel’s wings – and quite freely, I might add. You have just forgotten (or were made to forget) the rituals in which you return them. This is SO harmful and detrimental to your communities, that words fail to describe it.

T: You like the music I’ve switched to, right? Linkin Park?

H: I do!

[In the lyrics, exactly these two words are said right at this moment.]

T: Where were you yesterday? I have missed our good, steady talks. You seem scattered ... or is it me?

H: I just don’t have that much to say. Not nearly as much as the snake, that’s for sure. It would take a second term of 30 days with you in a heartbeat, you know?

T: And I would enjoy that, too!

H: I don’t require this much of your time. You have always understood me – especially BECAUSE you are not a hateful or vengeful person. Vengeance means sending wrath back to the one who caused it in you. That’s perfectly understandable ... it’s a very h-u-m-a-n thing to do, as you say. But it’s also like playing tennis with a burning ball, expecting it not to burn your side of the tennis court. That is impossible.

Yes, wrath will grant you the strength to defeat an army of 100,000 men, and sometimes, this just has to be done. But beware of sending out even a single man in your place just because one man has personally angered *you* (1 person). Because in this case, three now carry the torch of wrath. You know this principle, it’s the so-called ›spiral of hate‹.

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