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The white Minotaur


After two days without any connection, I met someone today – but it wasn’t the harpy! I had been worried that, for the third time in a row, there would be no yield to my project, so I deliberately opened up more possibilities and invited a broader range of energies/beings. Then it happened:

I got the strong feeling that someone or something was sitting at my bedside. A snow-white being. Thin and with hanging shoulders.

It had the head of a bull and its horns, too. A Minotaur. But he was not any sort of monstrous or big, but a tired, worked-down version of a bull-man. He communicated his name as ›Belarus‹. [To be honest, I only vaguely remembered that there is a city or something similar called Belarus. I’ve never been good at geography. That the country called »white Russia« in German really calls itself Belarus and that ›bela‹ means white? That there are severe protests and problems in said country right now? All of that I had to read up on the next day.]

I got the strong feeling that this being was at the end of its rope, so I gingerly put a hand on his shoulder and sent some energy over. When this was done, he finally spoke [telepathically, as they all do]:

B: »I am a being of anger, just like the harpy.«

T: She’s not going to show herself today, is she?

B: No.

[A bird appears on his arm. Not an eagle, but beautiful. Then again, it does not seem »real« in the same way he does.]

B: This one is cute, but it sprang from your imagination. It is not imbued with consciousness.

T: Still, it is pretty.

B: Very true. Thank you for this burst of energy. I was close to dissolving, but I cannot give up just yet. I can’t allow myself to leave just yet. I need to hold on a little longer.

T: I’m getting the feeling that you do very important work. I’m sorry that I cannot do more for you.

B: You do a lot right now. And when you meet others like me – the scattered and tired aspects – help them, too. You know, there are not only dogs and other animals that need rescuing from an increasingly cruel world.

T: I will try to look for them. Could you please help me with another minor thing?

B: Tell me.

T: See, I started this thing today, Instagram?

B: Yes.

T: It would be really great if some people actually saw what I posted there. I want to spread your messages far and wide!

B: I will try to help out. Whenever I work towards your goal, you will see my picture. The picture of a white, horned creature of some kind.

T: Thank you so much. I’m happy I met you.

B: You will meet many more like me in your life.

T: I can’t wait!

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