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The Wrath of the Women


[To set the mood, the songs "Wild hearts" by Pink and "Everybody knows" by Sigrid are playing today. I love both of them very much!]

T: Good music today.

H: You're welcome. These are good songs. Less whiny. But do you realize that while the lyrics are quite angry, the music as a whole holds back? That women, in particular, are not allowed to make angry art? Women should be tame and leave the war to the men. And what are you left with if anger is not an option? Only apathy, dear women. Even today, when women have EVERY reason to really kick a few asses - and some of them are finally doing so - your anger is being talked down AGAIN! You are supposed to pass it over, please. Omit it. Bury it. Develop beyond it. Where is the energy balance in that? I can tell you, it is missing. After 10,000 years without rights, women can now vote and work in offices, but you still have no right to anger. Isn't that sad? Oh, and because I know it sits on your tongues: Of course there is the male equivalent. Nurturing and peacemaking are the things that men are principally not allowed to do. Where is the balance there, if one always has to be peaceful and the other is not allowed to be?

T: Explain to me how we can harness anger energetically.

H: In our novel [Ghomon and Gorgonn] I explained to you that anger will only be useful to you when you integrate it into your shield, that is, into your aura. For that, of course, you must first stop resisting. Defending yourself against anger is incredibly exhausting (do you notice the connection to women and fatigue illnesses? More on that later).

When anger is finally allowed to flow around you and through you, the power I mentioned earlier is released. This power can literally catapult you forward and leave your enemies or barricades burning in your path. You are 100 percent in action - and in appearance, because it is impossible not to end up in the limelight with this energy. The more you practice, the easier you go from anger to the reward of practice. I am the ultimate aspect, your BEING makes possible, for DOING and MOVING are unmistakable signs of being/life. Anger IS. You can always debate whether you are really in love or really speaking your truest word, but no one can deny or misjudge me when they meet me. I burn too painfully and shine too brightly for that. I light your torch. But whether you light your way with it or burn down your house ... that is up to you. And if there is one thing I should wish for the future of mankind, it would be guidance on how to deal with me when you meet me.

T: Thank you, that was great! Tell me, this conversation ...

H: ... must be published, yes. Absolutely. I am the red book in the series. Part three and yet topic number one, as I like it [grins].

T: I'll keep it in mind, thank you. See you tomorrow?

H: Sure. I'm having a lot of fun with this.

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