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We strive for 7 things in life


[The harpy brought us to the Elven plain again but into the kitchen of the monastery.]

H: Every human works toward completing seven things in their life, did you know that?

T: No, that sounds fascinating. Go on!

H: Humans have seven (main) chakras. Each one of them aspires to its highest, utterly ideal state of being. To the highest frequency attainable in this lifetime. That’s why seven is a holy number.

Your base chakra for example could long for the absolute tribal love of an African village (Ubuntu). Or your throat chakra could long to speak out one very specific truth. Very often, your emotions will tell you, that you have reached one of your ultimate goals. It could be 40.000 people cheering for you and the euphoria this entails. It could be the wonderful feeling of loving three people you have met with for sexual pleasure exactly the same – universally. This list is absolutely endless. But: only ONE of the chakras handles the topic of romantic love between two people ... and yet you’re constantly being told – especially in recent decades – that a successful, highly romantic partnership between one man and one woman is the ultimate, only goal in your life. From the moment you enter a marriage (and especially a little later, with some kids), you will get puzzled looks from others if you don’t feel fulfilled. Others will ask: »What? You STILL want more? What’s more to want? You have love and a family!« You immediately see the doctrine men and women are under. While the woman is told: »But you have a sweet family!« the man will be told: »But you have that great job!«

I can only repeat myself here: Everybody strives for SEVEN things!

I’ll admit that most of these goals are not consciously accessible to you, because they vibrate at a very high frequency. But it’s not important to consciously know them all the time. Especially the uppermost chakras in your head work towards their goals subconsciously. Which means: while you sleep. ;)

T: Awesome! Finally, something in life that just works on its own. :D

H: Heh. Yes. Seemingly.

T: Oh, oh. I hear a »but«.

H: No. Then again, this concept can explain why you sometimes awake terribly sad or euphoric or dog-tired. This is the reason. Something in the otherworld didn’t go as planned, or was difficult, or worked out great. This is also the reason why you need nine hours of sleep while others only need five. One is not better than the other, your goals and your work just differ.

T: Dear harpy, unfortunately, our time’s up. But let’s not forget this topic, okay?

H: Fine. Over the next few days, just play with this and try to find out some things people around you might strive for.

T: I’ll try!

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