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When you can't muster any hope


[I happened to find a great image for the Harpy cover today. I was looking for something completely different, of course...]

T: So? Do you like the cover art?

H: Oh yeah, it’s going to be a strong picture. I also like the website [CreativiKEY, dormant side project].

[The harpy looks sad or downcast.]

T: What’s going on, my dear? You’re putting on interesting songs today: ›I’m only human‹ by Rag’n’Bone Man and ›The Arrival‹ by OF COLOURS.

H: Did you listen? She sings: ›It’s not the mountain, we conquer but ourselves.‹ I’m the one that makes you climb the mountain. Hope, too. Hope is THE motivator of all. But only if you don’t know what’s at the top. If you know for a fact that your nemesis is sitting on your throne up there, then I am your best friend on the mountain. Your most loyal companion. I am there for you when you can’t muster up any hope.

Hope is my natural counterpart, the yin to my yang. Knowing this also makes it easier to fathom why a society or group of people from whom you have taken away hope (for salvation, for God, for improvement of their situation) slides into bottomless anger. In this case, this group sees that the mountaintop is empty and that the incredibly difficult (but advertised!) way up there is pointless.

T: Oh, wow. You just gave me a great idea for the Dragonchild, thanks!

H: Our time is up today anyway. See you tomorrow?

T: You can count on it!

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