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When you climb the wrong mountain


T: [I’m angry because my novel ›Ghomon & Gorgonn‹ just won’t get finished.]

I could throw this whole manuscript out the window!

H: Nothing has ever been manifested by beating it, you know? You can’t beat anything into existence. It’s simply not possible.

T: So much for helping me up the mountain, eh?

H: Well, not if it’s the wrong one ...

T: How can the manuscript be wrong? Don’t you aspects want it to be published? Answer me.

H: I don’t hold too much interest in that particular story. I don’t care one way or another.

T: But it’s your book!

H: No. It’s the book the Elves would have you write about me. Or, let me say it this way: The version of the Elves you are writing about didn’t know me very well. I’m sorry to say, but your book does not serve me. YET.

T: Go on.

H: There are aspects of my power missing.

T: So give them to me!

H: I fully intend to. Just not today. Why the hurry all of a sudden? Can’t we finish our session first?

T: Yes, I guess we should. I’m just frustrated that NONE of this is in my hands. I can do absolutely nothing ...

H: ...but show up. That you can. And you know what? That is MUCH more than most people do. Why do you still envy people that – at least partly – run into the wrong direction?

[Blind Guardian plays. »Every step that I take, may it hurt may it ache, leads me further away from the past.«]

T: This is the second time today I stumbled over this quote. Why? Why is it so deeply resonating with me?

H: »The past« is generally the time in your life where you were not awake, as everything has always and will always move towards evolution. And even it if hurts, you should always keep in mind that you do it for transcendence. For YOUR OWN good. You (should) always head toward new ideas and (seemingly new) teachings, and away from the grief and pain your long(!) existence in-body/in-story brought with it.

T: This sounds a lot like releasing karma.

H: Because that’s exactly what I mean.

T: How do we do that best?

H: By looking at those lives long and hard. You have only glimpsed into parts and were freed from so much.

T: That is true. Was I ever an artist before?

H: ... one?

T: Oh boy.

H: I encourage you to look at those lives. Take A. with you. You will see that fame is like a light switch. On, off, on, off. All part of the game.

T: I should not have told Jormungandr to cut the lesson short that day. I still regret that.

H: He’ll live [laughs] Or ... rather not. ;)

T: Silly bird. :)

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