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Where fairies live


T: [thinks about Superman and similar beings.]

H: The sad truth is: »superb« beings like these exist literally on every corner, you just never see them. If you really knew where to look for all the mythical spirits and beings, you would in every sense of the word be a powerful, blessed human being. Just because in days gone by, someone said »go there and meet the fairies«, they never meant visible, touchable beings.

[The harpy changes the white matrix and we sit in the library of the Elves.]

T: I love this place.

H: I know.

T: So, should we start to set up little fairy houses in our gardens again? Should we sacrifice to them again? Honey and flowers, or at least a few drops of water?

H: Why don’t you do it the other way around? Why do you want to put YOUR things on a little plate, wishing us well with them? We know that you wish us well and that (and when) you think of us. We know it the moment the thought crosses your mind.

No. Be smart and put an EMPTY plate in a nice and hidden spot, so WE may put things in it. So we can signal you, should the need arise. That way you would have to find fewer feathers along your way. ;)

T: Ha! That’s ingenious! I’ll do that. I already know the perfect spot in my garden.

H: You know, in earlier days these things were simply a given. Everybody knew where the interesting spots were and how they had to be maintained. Every pilgrimage started out with the strong wish to experience a place with very special energies, known for helping with topic x, y, or z. For communication and wisdom, you visited the Elves and the Fairies. For seeing something more clearly and working on your rage, you climbed up to the eagle’s nest. Do you recognize the pattern?

T: Oh yes.

H: By the way: Yes, the Elves »take you away«, just like the legends say. But they also bring you (your soul) back, of course. [grins] You should know – don’t they take you away very often?

T: Yes ... and it’s fantastic!

H: My point exactly.

T: Dear harpy, our time for today is up.

H: That’s okay. I’ve delivered this nice little snack for your mind to feed on, that’s all I wanted. :)

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