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YouTube Special: Goddess Hel speaks

Tranlated speaker text:

Greetings. I have been given the opportunity to introduce myself personally to an unusually large audience, and I thank you for that.

I am Hel, the Mistress of the Night. The goddess of all that is dead or dying. I am the new beginning before the sun rises and the last dream that humanity will dream before it enters its rightful place in the non-corporeal cosmos. I am the last breath of all beings and concepts that breathe their final breath, and the moon lights the way for my steps. I am the perfect counterpart to RA, the god of all suns, and my power is not a hair's breadth narrower than his. I hold the netherworld in its very own balance and oversee all processes at its borders and gates. Nothing enters or leaves my realm without my knowledge. Absolutely nothing.

Some of you are afraid that my words at this point or the deeper contact with me could be more shocking than is the case with other aspects. But that doesn't have to be the case. You have learned a lot about death and transformation in recent years, and my beloved little family, consisting of Hades and Anubis and his wife Persephone, are also working tirelessly to increase knowledge among you again. In addition, as always: treat me without prejudice and I will do the same.

Moreover, it is by no means the truth that the High Gods have shunned or banished me. And they don't look down on me either. Quite the opposite: we have a certain set of agreements. In particular, I work towards them in the event of a catastrophe among humans. I would like to explain this further:

My realm is regularly flooded with large numbers of your souls - unfortunately. When war and battle spread like ravenous fires across your planet, I must open my gates wide to the new arrivals. It will then be up to me to report to RA and a few others what the situation is. What your general condition is when you reach me. The highest of the high are dependent on my assessment of the situation, because they themselves cannot see so comprehensively into an event with many sudden deaths. Because RA would no longer be RA if he were to degrade himself so much energetically, you see? He would be a different entity, and that's just not possible. If you change the frequency, you change the deity, and that cannot be allowed. They could form splinters, yes. We all do that all the time. But these tiny splintered parts of the High Gods can't maintain the overview, they can't carry the amount of information. So, the closest beings to me are actually the members of my small, dark family; and my loyal wolf. You often call him Cerberus or the Fenris wolf, and occasionally Garm.

Cerberus is my most loyal helper. This wolf belongs to me and answers to me alone. He is like an additional sibling to Anubis and Persephone. A member of the family.Together, we guard the borders of my realm at all times, because unfortunately, powerful living beings always have the idea of wanting to kidnap hell's children and take over an army of servant dead. I know how to prevent this, and many a cheeky witch has gone mad at the sight of my helper spirits. Fortunately, very few people get cheeky with me these days. A very welcome side note.

The core of my work remains unaffected by all of this. And that core principle doesn't please me at all. These endless deaths. Every single day, non-stop, many under terrible circumstances. What kind of deity would I be if I saw you entering my realm and grinned at the things you just went through? You know, no hospital director is happy about a full camp.I don't think there was ever such an evil being anywhere that he was only too happy to see his own comrades suffer and die.I am happiest when I am abandoned.That is my eternal paradox.

Because when that happens, I hand over your individual souls to the the higher realms of All-that-is - to RA and his light-filled realm, where all the possibilities of the cosmos will be open to you again.

Like a good nurse or doctor, I am happy when you step out of my domain.

And no churchman was ever more powerful than I, and could make you believe for all eternity that the netherworld was your final destination.I work ACTIVELY against anyone who dares to spread nonsense about my realm, and hold my hand protectively over those who stand by me with the truth while they are embodied and have mouths to speak.I am the patron goddess of emergency counselors and grief counselors, death doulas and spirit mediums. For they all ensure that the floods in my direction become smaller.That the knowledge about my kingdom and the process of death grows.So you can also see crystal clear whose side I am on.I have never been outside the divine plan, and my darkness is not something I choose voluntarily.

However, it is also a fact that my kingdom must exist - because you, as beings with ultimate free will, must be given the opportunity to choose the lowest possible experience.The lightless mock dungeon. So we serve you - my children and I - and lower ourselves to the lowest possible.

All-that-is has left me by the wayside on the eternal path of creation so that you are not without.

Without a teacher, without a guide, without hope. And it's okay. I was willing from the beginning to put myself and my children at your service in this way.I have no ego to offend either, but still I want to remind you today that I am no less a part of the divine fractal than the other gods. Fearing or hating me, calling me a devil or wanting to put me in chains and banish me? You are misjudging me in the most elementary way. And I don't think I deserve that. Just as my children do not deserve to treated this way.

But now I see something new among you. Now I see progress in understanding my nature again, and I am happy about it. The Lightworkers and the Shadow Extinguishers will equally drive the Shift among those who have ears to hear. But what I see even more clearly: The dead come to me differently than they used to. First of all, there are far fewer of them because the well-intentioned advice of "thou shalt not kill" has gotten around after roughly 2,000 years. And those who knock on my door know a lot more. Generations of light and shadow workers have played an immense part in this. Those who already bring knowledge about the coming processes into my realm have a huge advantage- it's as simple as that.

And then, when you have successfully ascended to the coming fifth density level or density, the last age will dawn in which I will accompany humanity. For density level 5 is the last one that needs a realm like mine.

When your new ascent from the soon-to-be density level 5 to level 6 has been made - not the current jump, but the next one - then I will be allowed to pack my things, figuratively speaking, and vacate my post. I will then no longer be needed. This time in your development WILL come - and no one will celebrate it as much as me and my children.

The light workers are thus directly helping me to finish my job here.

But until that time comes [density 6], I will do what I have done since the beginning of your times.I will welcome stubborn, confused, frightened, shame-filled, angry souls when they have lost their way into the light. And then, at their pace, I will help them realize why one thing led to another in their lives.I will witness how they break open the hardened, black armor around their innermost core piece by piece and expose their own light again. Because we've told you before: blackness is not the opposite of light. Blackness is a special effect of light. An armor, grown layer by layer from low-frequency decisions and circumstances.You will not find dark matter because there is nothing in God's plan that does not contain light. You won't find dark energy because the Light of Creator Source has mastered the greatest trick of all: hiding IN the darkness and pretending it's not there.

And then, at the very end of your journey into my corner of the energetic cosmos, I will be present when you have understood that despite everything, you have been carrying light all along. That despite everything, you are part of the Creator Source and it will naturally return you to your home.That your loved ones have been waiting for you in spite of everything - and are already immersed in mind games about your next adventure together.

People sometimes claim that values can be taught in church and in earthly schools. Press them into little heads or beat them into little bodies.

All this is nonsense.

I create your most profound values and morals.Even the very vague memory of your time with me and the shame you felt before yourselves when you understood your earthly deeds ...THEY make you virtuous people the next time you enter the stage of life. Let that sink in for a moment. Let the Christians roll over in their graves, but hell makes you nicer, more sociable, more empathetic; and yes, even more faithful as individual souls.And NOT because it tries to do so with beatings. But because, unlike religious fanatics, it works with love and patience. Because we heal what has blackened, spiritually weakened and stained you like soot on a child's face.

I welcome the dirtbags among you, and I'm already standing by the washtub ready for you to step foot inside. I am a mother through and through. And sometimes, when the washing tub and brush are no longer enough, I hand you the pickaxe so that you can free the wonderful crystal of your self from its hard, dirty shell.

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