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The Elves - Day 30

[Day 29: No session.]

04.06.2020 !! FINALE !!!

I had trouble getting into everything again, I admit it. It wasn't until I had opened myself up to all possibilities - not just talking to Elves - that something happened. And suddenly there were dragons all around on the roofs of the Elven houses!

They looked at me very curiously and let their heads hang over the edges of the roofs. Amy [a dragon lady from the books] mostly caught my eye, but the others were there, too. They dropped a bit of story info here and there, but what will stick in my mind is this line: "Sometimes you seem to think this story is solely about Elves."

Oi! That hit home, of course. The group then pulled me down from the Plain of Elves, down to Land's End in England, sat down right along the edge of the cliff in a semi-circle and Amy said: "You know, we have a lot to contribute to this story as well."

And what can I say? keep it coming, I'm looking forward to it!!

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