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The Elves - Day 17


Today I fell asleep for the first time while relaxing. Oops! In my defense, I have to say that I was definitely on the elven plain for a few minutes and I know I extended my invitation. ("What is there to learn today? What do I need to know today?").

At some point, my husband woke me up because he gave me a quick cuddle. It's interesting how he arrives at EXACTLY the right moment sometimes. He's much more attached to "the ones up there" than he (and I) would like to admit. The only real impulse today came in the form of a strong feeling without audio, urging me: "Write a little more on the story today. It's the right time to do it."

I think I can do that! [In the coming months, my interview partners talked A LOT about "windows of opportunity" on energetic levels. It's such a natural concept, once you understand it!]

PS: Yesterday, we watched the film "The Neverending Story" with our son. The implications in it are quite heavy if you consider the energetic messages of story worlds!

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