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The Elves -Day 26


Today, after having had some difficulties with my placement technique, I ended up with Lemar, the stable keeper from my Dragon Child novel series. He apologised straight away and said he wasn't very good at drawing attention to himself. But he immediately presented me with today's topic.

Lemar: "What do you know about grief?"

Tanja: "I understand it and I don't understand it. All at the same time."

Our conversation went on, but it wasn't so much about real events in my life at the moment [such as the sudden death of an author friend and the young daughter of acquaintances, or even about Corona in general], but only about things for the book. A kind of advance notice apparently.

Lemar explained to me in great detail, that there was, or is, on the plain of the Elves some sort of double bench, situated near landmarks in the forest. One person can sit on each side of this bench. However, the two Elves cannot see each other at any time due to the design of the bench! Bushes or shrubs are planted on the sides. People in mourning (but also people with an aching heart and others who seek help) come to these benches to find someone to talk to. You don't need to make an appointment, you just come there with a deep desire to talk - completely anonymously. I imagine it a bit like an open-air confessional, but both partners in the conversation are equal, of course!

At that point, I asked whether any of this information should be put into the book.

Lemar just said, "Just wait and see. Right now it's just information about how things were for us and how they might be in the book."

T: Wouldn't it be great if this kind of bench existed on Earth?

L: "Well, it wouldn't be the first thing to jump out of a book and find its way into the 'real' world." ;)

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