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The Elves - Day 28


I ended up with Elea today - without any placement technique at all and without any ado. She immediately said we both didn't need it. Since I feel very comfortable with her and enjoy her company, this didn't seem strange to me.

She joked with me because she basically does a very similar job to mine - writing chronicles! For her character in the books, it's recently deceased people who dictate their life's story to her, especially the important warriors.

She also said, "I've grown since I was first seen in the novel. I'm 18 now."

Such statements seem strange from someone outside of time, but we just keep jumping in and out of the storyline. It was sweet that she doesn't take her part in the story too seriously.

E: "I don't know, somehow I'm magically attracted to these dead old men!" (e.g. Aris, Sersh)

This is how we ended up at the GIGANTIC elephant in the room ... the channeling with Sersh yesterday. I was still shellshocked, for sure. I mean ... seriously?!

She readily explained, why Sersh likes to be around her in the story (and outside of it). She said, "We are like the yin & yang of love for the story."

I will have to think about that sentence long and hard.

Within the story, it is clear to me that Elea's high level of development as a medium makes her feel love and compassion for everyone. Sersh, on the other hand, is completely underdeveloped when it comes to emotions. I'm sure this is due to his background. But whether that is ultimately what is meant by this?

Things got really intense after this. Sersh joined us, but this time he wasn't mad, and he wasn't in the story anymore. Rather, the two of them began to work on me and my energy field together. Without any warning, my pulse quickened, thoughts and memories of a certain man from my real life came up, with whom I had an extremely difficult, painful connection - apparently not only in this life. I had to cut him out of my life completely, so I wouldn't sabotage the existence I've built for myself.

I started crying immediately because I knew they wanted to remove something from my heart. Wanted to remove HIM from my heart! I begged and pleaded for them to stop. It felt like open-heart surgery. And I know it was - energetically. I felt like I was going to die from grief and pain, right then and there. But eventually, it was over and Elea was holding something in the palm of her hand. It was a tiny, naked image of a man kneeling on her hand, his tangled hair hanging down. She proclaimed: "To be free, you must first cut the chained man from your heart. No matter how much it hurts. Us women, we have carried them long enough."

That phrase resonates with almost every woman, I believe. And then, to top it off, Pink's song "But we lost it" began to play! ["I wanna know: where does love go to die? Is it some sad empty castle in the sky?"]

Continuing, Elea said, "First, give up saving and save yourself."

This goes so completely against the upbringing that ALL women on the planet still experience. It is so completely drilled into us to care about everyone and everything - it's madness! Then Sersh came along for the ride. The handsome, out-of-story-drama Sersh. He approached me from behind, very carefully and calmly rested his chin on my shoulder, and said, "This is what a man feels like if he is at his full strength."

Such calm, confidence, warmth, and strength radiated from him through my back that I could have started crying again - but this time with happiness! Besides, I immediately realised: I have never consciously perceived such a presence of a man on earth. This is what fully developed men feel like? Oh my goodness!

At some point, I dared to ask Elea if everything that had no place in my heart anymore was out now. The answer was somewhat sobering.

E: "Not everything, no. But it is progress."

T: Why today?

"It's almost day 30 of your challenge. We had to start the difficult stuff at some point ..."

T: Why does it feel like I have to go through the ups and downs of my book series myself? Why do I have to play out parts of the story in my reality?!

Elea: "Why do you think this particular story dot of the morphic field fits you so incredibly well? Or, to be even more precise, why YOU fit IT so well? You energetically match this frequency down to the last measurable, distinguishable sliver of energy! This means that you are basically working on the same issues in order to reach the next higher level of development. To continue to ascend towards enlightenment."

I readily admit that today's conversation feels unfinished. I would like to say I understood everything that came and that I can move on in peace, but I will be chewing on these sessions today and yesterday for a very long time. Perhaps that is why Elea and Sersh asked in the end: "Will you commit to going beyond the 30 days with your challenge?"

Me: ... Yes.Yes, I promise.

Elea: "Then we are very happy."

As you will see, this promise has changed my life! Now it's April 2021 and I have made several follow-up promises. Contracts if you will, energetically signed by the spiritual world and me. And I have never regretted it. I can only urge you to work out such deals with the well-meaning(!) beings on the other side for yourself. It's an impeccable tool for growth and self-mastery.

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