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The Elves - Day 10


Even before channelling, I realised a few things today:

1) I love heathland so much because it resembles the "cliff" ecosystem - rugged beauty instead of rose gardens.

2) The mini wildlife sanctuary by our supermarket where I sat down to channel today is the closest thing to this grassland!

This time I was actually greeted by Tayrenn, the Dragon Child himself. We were resting, side by side, in the grass of the Elven plain.

He actually had some good news about the novels. He said, "From now on, you know most of it!"

I guess I actually know the main twists and characters of the story now - and especially in the last few days, much more information for the novel is trickling in than I can write down! The little guy also confirmed what I've suspected for a long time: in future I'll sit down/lie down quietly for about 30-40 mins in the morning, pick up the day's information from above, write down the bullet points immediately and then work them out into proper text later. This approach is going to be so effective! :)

Then things got more serious. Tayrenn was in good spirits and joked a lot, but he also stressed that I should stay relaxed. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll close the channel (my statement, not his).

As a side note, I told him that I could have started the Dragon Child when I was 16.

The little tyke turns around and asks me: Do you have any rough idea how cheesy the 1st book would have been then?

Cheeky rascal! But he's right, of course.

T: Are the Elves actually omniscient from their position?

DC: Well, we have a general overview, yes. But we don't see everything, no. We have too earth-like a frequency for that.

Somehow we came to the general topic of writing:

DC: You know, you've been surrounded by people who write all your life:

Grandpa H. - journalist

Grandma G. - volunteered as a journalist

Grandpa H. - patient reports

your father - technical documentaries

your mother - studied languages to become a teacher

your uncle A. - journalist

But none of them told you much about the industry - unfortunately. So we waited until the very moment you knew the basics of the craft. Spring 2010, shortly before graduation, the time had come and we sent the big starting signal! The rolling stone that started it all.

[I am indeed an online journalist, diploma and all. Graduated in 2010 :) ]

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