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The Elves - Day 12


T: The polar world really does go back and forth like a pendulum, doesn't it?

castle - hut

money - love

cold - warm

happy - unhappy

right - wrong

Elhin: It goes on and on. For æons. And only when the pendulum stops, something new happens. Ascension happens. In art, you often equate an unmoving pendulum with death (negative judgment), but nothing could be further from the truth. When the pendulum FINALLY rests at its equilibrium point .... there is peace. Everything and nothing is one again. God does not dwell on the one side the pendulum swings to, or the other. She dwells in the zero point and sends you swinging (because you asked for it!).

T: I am happy. Even after 12 days I have never really been without connection to you and the Elves. At the same time, of course, guilt creeps in now and then. For not continuing to work on my novels and stories etc. He interrupted me in this thought - something that does not often happen in non-physical space.

E: Nothing is as important as this challenge at the moment. NOTHING.

That's encouraging, of course. Besides, it's not exactly like I'm just hanging out on the couch watching Netflix! In between he said again, "Put on the identifying marks of a writer, there are plenty."

When I asked if I should really check in with other extraordinary people (German filmmakers like Johann Nepomuk Maier or the woman who pretends to have elven DNA and channels elves too) he said, "Go ahead, do that, but AFTER the Challenge is finished!!"

The three interviews I did actually give to Nepomuk Maier in spring 2021 can be found here! [German audio]

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