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The Elves - Day 14


I got on the Elven plane today with my own imagined wings for a change, that was fun too! But I didn't meet anyone, which hasn't scared me for a while. Suddenly, though, I got the strong impulse to take off again and soar much higher above the plain. At first I 'only' went a few hundred metres up. It struck me that I had never seen the floating island of the Elves from this high up. But the urge was still there, so I took another big leap and suddenly floated so high that I could already see space with the starry dots around me. And a giant moon!

All of a sudden, a voice came out of nowhere while I was looking back at Earth and remarked: "Yes, look at it all carefully. How many protective layers there are."

What was meant, of course, was the morphic field that I was trying to look at. I didn't manage to find out who exactly was talking, and I guess it doesn't matter, because we jumped straight into the next topic. But before that I had to turn off my music, it was requested. [This happens regularly with spirits. Some enjoy metal, some classical music. Just like humans!]

No idea why exactly, but the unseen entity went on to explain more about the morphic field. The (very pleasant) voice said: "The gases around your planet would escape without these various barriers, and the solar storms would sweep everything away from the planet."

I remarked that gravity keeps the "heavy" gases on the ground, but the voice replied: "You think so, yes. But gases don't really work that way. It's the Earth's energy shield that holds everything together in the end. This shell, through which some things CAN and some things CAN'T travel, forms the boundary between the vacuum of space and the atmosphere." In response to my side question about why there is a vacuum in space at all, it said: "When something explodes - as the universe did with the Big Bang - there is 'nothing' between the outward-exploding particles until so much time has passed that 'something' (e.g. air) could fill the gaps there. The vacuum is thus a direct leftover of the Big Bang, but since NOTHING existed before, nothing could fill the space between the outwardly drifting particles. When the universe will some day implode again, the vacuum becomes less and less strong until the initial state (God point) is reached again. But back to that formidable shield of the Earth! Some (few) entities can penetrate this hull to visit you (physically) - but most CANNOT. Similarly, the morphic field is all you humans know and need. Leaving Earth is dangerous for you not because the air is missing there, or the plants, or the food, but because you are leaving THE FIELD! A star travelling civilisation must first figure out how to export the information from the field - in addition to learning how to physically travel by spaceship. No matter what your technical progress, you will not be able to leave Earth (and stay sane) until energy science is rediscovered! Sure, you can astrally leave Earth when you are out of the body or physically dead. But the absolute 'sweet spot' of communication with other entities [while we are incarnated] is here - slightly above the field. Removed from all the earthly noise and closer to the nothingness that makes All-that-is possible. Incidentally, most interesting things have always happened at a border. Or directly under a barrier (skin, energy shell). And then, when two seemingly incompatible parties meet in the middle! Whenever you manage to get to that point just above the morphic field, we can provide the rest."

Unfortunately, exactly with that last word, my timer sounded (40 minutes). I then quickly asked who he/she/it was, but all I got was: "Not of consequence."

Funny coincidence: 2 minutes after the timer went off, my daily alarm clock (15:30h) rang and showed "Channelling Challenge!" on the display. I wonder if the entity I was talking to wanted me to come back again ;)

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