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The Elves - Day 15


In the book "Herzlicht" ("heart light"), the lesson of the day was about past lives, but MY session wasn't. No worries! A bit stranger is that today was the first time I didn't take notes at all (although everything was inside my reach). Instead, I talked to Tiran, the Elven king, alone for the first time. Suddenly I was standing in his castle and only he was sitting on his throne. He was in a very strange mood! While others usually shower me with information, he was very quiet. He made strange remarks about how yesterday had been "his" day and "the other one" had brazenly pushed their way in. I was already deeply absorbed - perhaps a little too deeply, because I almost dozed off a couple of times.

As I said, he didn't really explain anything, but I don't think that's a bad thing. As far as I can tell, I got my connection today, and that's important to me. And I put my feet up and tried to channel, which is even more important. Maybe he'll be in a better mood tomorrow...

Besides, I can't help but notice that, even on the other side, one can simply have a bad day! Also, I find that, after very extensive sessions (like the one yesterday), there is a kind of recovery phase where not much will happen. That's nice, too! After all, I'm only human!

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