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The Elves - Day 16


Today it happened for the first time: I didn't get any message at all. At least not from the Elves...

I laid down as always, and I guess I got a general connection. But NOBODY was on the plane of the Elves!

At first, I was worried (am I doing something wrong?) but at some point, I remembered the words of the nameless entity that I had met a few days ago and mentally traveled to the border between the morphic field and the universe. And in contrast to the elven plane, there was definitely someone there!

The entity seemed quite amused and said: »Well, they (the Elves) told you, they are not always there. Being in such a low frequency is like painstakingly sitting in a nursery and spoonfeeding your offspring. It does take a toll on you. Yes, it’s a labour of love, but you can get exhausted. So why would they sit there if you’re late?«

[Here the entity was unfortunately right, I was actually an hour later than usual. But the comparison with a helpless baby still stings!]

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