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The Elves - Day 19


Yesterday I didn't get a connection. Nothing. For the first time.

But that's okay. I'm honestly already glad I'm not in a hospital. Because the day before yesterday something very strange happened. I pulled or tore something in my lower abdomen. I could hardly stand at the beginning and yesterday I couldn't walk well all day. Maybe an undiscovered cyst burst, I don't know. Anyway, it hurt like hell and I needed to heal first.

Then today I went to Land's End in my head - an important English landmark in my novel - and asked for someone from the plains to come down to me. Prompt reply:

"We can't. We can't come all the way down to earth. Energetically, it just doesn't work like that. You have to travel upwards mentally. The elven plane is already the kind of place where we meet you midways! To come back to the earth level as an ascended being, you have to incarnate, and you only do that for extremely important reasons!" (Jesus, Buddha)

Then, when I was up there, I pursued the subject of energy levels a little further and asked why my current short novel "Ghomon & Gorgonn" is just not getting finished. It feels like it is fighting me! Answer: "There is a 'window of opportunity' for every task and that has closed for this story - for now!"

I could work on the story, yes, but there's a distinct difference for the other side whether it flows or whether the characters have to wade through what feels like a swamp to advance the story. (It took them a while to come up with this analogy, by the way.) A little later we got to talking about why the thing with my stomach happened.

"The pain is the inevitable proof that a major energetic shift has taken place in the last few days. It had to happen and we're very sorry that there was this pain connected to it."

I have to say I am appeased now. I was really angry the last two days because I couldn't understand any of it - and I was scared of course.

At the very end I went up to the atmosphere briefly - and this time some of my friends even came with me! Like little golden points of light, they surrounded me up there on the border of black space. It was so beautiful! I also tried to make myself a disembodied dot. But I guess my head (still) needs this physical representation of me. So what! Their closing statement was beautiful: "There's a good reason why people like fairy lights with golden dots so much. Because if you could see them like we do, you would see the many millions of souls who are currently in this state of consciousness around the Earth!"

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to stay long. The order was, "Go write!"

Okay, okay. I'm off already ... ;)

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