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The Elves - Day 1


I've started to read my copy of Anna Katmore's new book - "Herzlicht " (Light of the Heart)*. The chapters are short and crisp and filled to the brim with information about spirit guides, angels and the like. A quick reference guide, so to speak.

Since I have been reading almost everything that comes under my nose in spiritual (non-fiction) books since I was 18 years old, I lie down in the evening, read and meditate on the topic of the current chapter. I have been doing this for years, and by now I arrive in my inner world quickly. Usually, I visit my "white matrix" or my safe place (flower meadow). This time, however, I transported myself to the "plane of the elves" – the dwelling place of my book characters – for the first time! Normally I just stand by and watch all the fictional(!?) things happening to Moira, Elhin, and the rest of the characters who have been guiding me through my novels for years now. Within the meditation, however, my experience suddenly felt completely different!

I had to write down the results immediately in the morning. [Note: The first days of my challenge I unfortunately did not write down word by word or make audio recordings. I regret that to this day].

Moira & Elhin: We are pure thought energy. We live in the 'grid of all ideas' - the morphic field. And actually in Cornwall [where the novels are set] or, more precisely, above Cornwall. Not physically, but we – the story universe of the Dragon Child – live there in that frequency domain.

T: How can I imagine this in more detail?

Moira: The morphic field looks like a fishing net cast over the earth. It lies directly above the atmosphere and consists of squares. A mesh, just like a fishnet. But of course these are all highly simplified concepts and actually inappropriate descriptive words for a non-physical grid system.

The Earth also has a grid, e.g., formed by your system of longitude/latitude or by ley lines. Each of the "quadrants" in this grid (morphic field) is additionally traversed by ALL frequencies possible. If you imagine this fishnet is cut like a piece of cloth so you can see how it is woven, "threads" run through this piece of cloth over the whole length and width of our planet.

These threads look like amplitudes and have the colours corresponding to their frequency [red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, forming white together]. So even in the same quadrant of this net, in the same geographical place, in the same cultural area, and on the same frequency (e.g. green = heart/love vibration) there are higher-lying points on the amplitude and lower-lying points.

What does the grid contain? Well, the morphic field is the place where your collective memory lives. That's why it is also called the Akasha record. This is already known. But in addition to that, the morphic field contains all the inventions, stories, rituals etc. And this in every energetic expression or in every oscillation frequency possible for earth. On every point of this energy grid dwells ONE, theoretically targetable energy or idea with ONE possible translation into a fictional story. That is, in the 2-D section "Great Britain" alone, with all the atmosphere that people associate with it [history, culture, religious practices, nature, ley lines, ...], there is an almost infinite number of points that can be targeted. Or in other words:

On each single point, there lives a complete story universe!

For example: A love story can have a very low vibration. You know intuitively that this translates into a plot with lots of envy, jealousy etc. The same story with almost the same protagonists could also have a much higher vibration. It would then be described with less intense struggles, the problems would be different, less "violent".

The low vibrating love story would sit within the same grid field on a lower point, the less violent version on a higher point of the same amplitude.

Now: Even if two people from the same area on earth access the same grid field in the morphic field and connect to the same point (the same invention for example), they still interpret the energy frequency of the idea differently because they are individuals! To access the same segment of the morphic field from another point of the earth will naturally lead again to another result. Science knows this!

The basic idea, which can lie only on this one point energetically, is there, has always been there and will always be there. You can aim at it, you can grab it ("have the idea" and "bring it into existence") but you can never "invent" it yourself in the way that you conventionally think. The idea is not yours and it never has been.

T: Interesting! I always thought I subconsciously targeted the "Cornwall" area for my story because I was drawn there by past lives or something like that, and because I felt the story would fit in well there.

Elhin: Ideally, the person who draws from the morphic field senses that the story point they feel good about is ANCHORED to a cultural setting of a particular place. Strictly speaking, it is very difficult to draw such a concept idea from the morphic field without noticing its inherent culture. If you dream up a story of a harem, it is obvious to you that the story is not set among the Navaho Indians. That's already in the vocabulary.

T: That would also mean that I must not detach the idea from the cultural background, because otherwise, I bend something out of its natural shape.

E: And that's what stands out. You run into problems that wouldn't have occurred in the original setting, and all the things that fit together like cogwheels in the original story shatter into a thousand pieces. With such a story, starting from the point of your decision to change something, you will experience a lot of work and little joy. Which is why people also like to use someone else's story for themselves. Here, too, the result of you is noticeable - and sometimes causes heated, almost religious discussions. Original and copy decide themselves namely above all by the following: Who consciously or unconsciously accesses the morphic field by thought power and picks up an idea from there, finally forms a mathematical vector from his earth standpoint to the field, which has a theoretically measurable length. Who copies the idea of another for-profit purposes, however, does not reach into the field and does not create a vector from the earth to the story point. The "copy" vector is only as long as from the plagiarist's point of view to the original storyteller's point of view. The popular saying then is that the story would be FLAT! Quite fitting! The effort (which can be described in physics as a vector of distance) is accordingly tiny. Many humans feel this, however. They know when they are short changed energetically.

After this first positive shock with this insanely interesting detailed information, I immediately wrote to Anna, the author of "Herzlicht "*, and told her about my immediate success. Because we know each other quite well, she then added several more very good tips for my work. It was about money, about writing .... everything. And of course, she said, I have to keep reading. No problem, now I'm completely hooked!

*The book, the rights of which were bought by the german Schirner-Verlag, is now titled "Light Beings - the invisible world around us" and is sold everywhere books are sold.

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