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The Elves - Day 2


This afternoon, I accepted the challenge again and lay down comfortably. First I listened to "Brain Music", namely the "God frequency" and then with 60Hz, the so-called alignment frequency. YouTube really does cater to every taste. ;) Still, it turned out to be a bad idea, Metal just works much better on me! ;)

Unfortunately, not much came through today. But even the feeling of being there again, to be at home on the plane of the elves, relieves my worries and recharges my soul. Much more interesting was what happened on the outside - on my bodily level - today. I had just switched over to Blind Guardian when some fascinating lyrics were said! (For copyright reasons I can't post them here, but the complete song "Point of No Return" is about someone visiting an Otherworld within and expanding their mind to experience miracles. At least that's what this song is about FOR ME. ;) I always get especially tingly at the words, "Find the key to be free!"

But that was not all, not by a long shot. The moment the singer says "find the key to be free" my husband comes out on the patio and gives me an absolutely great, long kiss! And my son cuddles me. And my two screen junkies play out in the sun for three minutes or so. I was completely gobsmacked. Magic?!

After that, I didn't really get back to Elhin and Moira, but the message for today was clear anyway. The music I listen to is ALWAYS on shuffle and contains 24 hours + of music. And yet exactly the right lyrics find me at exactly the right time. Only two other things we were able to slip in today: Moira said (looking at her son Tayrenn playing on the floor), "He's not ready yet." So he won't be telling me anything for the dragon child book series anytime soon. That's fine by me.

Then, at the very end, I was given a revelation that really hurt ... because you want to facepalm with all the energy your arm can muster. Some things are SO obvious and you still have to be told. The plane of the elves is my "magic meadow"! My soul's safe space! [For more on the magic meadow, see the "Learn to meditate" section!]

If he could have, Elhin might have died of laughter in that moment. He said: "Yeah, right! That's the way this is!"

Despite this breakthrough, I wasn't entirely happy with the yield of day two. I know, I'm hard to please. But one thing is absolutely clear: I have to continue with this challenge. Even if the results can't always be as fantastic as that physics lesson yesterday. I want to know morem so I'll have to keep meditating. Daily. In the morning, with some incense. In the evening, before going to bed. Or in the afternoon, when I always get tired anyway. This has to become my personal challenge, at least for the next weeks. Every day. No excuses. I'll continue to record the results neatly, with the exact dates, here in my physical paper notebook. Better yet, I'll keep this challenge up until at least until the end of June. Or even better ... I'll never again go without it. Not at all.

[Looking back from 2021, all I can say is: that's exactly how it turned out. I didn't stop at all and I now have seven handwritten journals in my possession, that I consider to be holy. Holy for me, because they contain ME and All-that-I-am in relation to All-that-is, if that makes sense.]

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