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The Elves - Day 20


Today I had to laugh out loud during channeling! :)

I immediately met Felika, one of my newer novel characters, and since thought equals action in this world, I found myself on her couch in an instant. I joked that in the story world it is actually forbidden to teleport directly into elven houses, but she just grinned: "Well, other elves are forbidden. Not our chronicler."

T: Oh, I'm happy there's someone here at all. After all, I've had some experience with that now.

F: "We are not prisoners of the story. Here you have often thought too narrowly. We can very well disappear - like actors from a set."

I don't remember exactly how the subject changed, but soon it was about my new job. Suddenly it occurred to me that their MUCH better regulations for working from home or from the road there could allow me to work for the clients while really not being home. Tears immediately welled up in my eyes!

F: "You smell the freedom. That's why you're crying."

Terrifying, but I feel it more and more. As I'm folding laundry, I catch myself thinking about clothes that would make it into my "world-traveling wardrobe" and the ones that I'd leave behind. A pretty clear indication that I want a life without the eternal 9-to-5 etc. (And who doesn't?)

To all of this Felika said very forcefully, "Quit. The. Challenge. After the Challenge, everything will be different."

Then we drifted back into our shared story. As usual, I teased her that all the characters in the book would get extended new scenes except little Tayrenn - the actual dragon child! The character why the book series is called "The Dragonchild"!

Felika laughed and said, "Well, Teal is a dragon child, too! Feo, too."

I had to laugh so heartily!

And as if all this terrific info wasn't great enough, Felika added more - but sadly not happy news.

"There will come a time when we - the voices you hear - will no longer take elven forms to tell you this story."

Because she could sense my pulse skyrocketing, she quickly explained: "But we'll be there, don't worry! We came into this story point for you, and we will keep it going until the very last minute. But it has a preordained end. Making the story parts manifest has cost us a considerable amount of energy. We did it anyway. Will continue to do it. To continue to bring the story into your world - through you."

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