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The Elves - Day 21


Today was an extremely cool session for many reasons!

1) For the first time I spoke to Villem + Sinon on the topic of my current spin-off novel 'Ghomon + Gorgonn'.

2) I think I got the new job. Because my channeling was abruptly interrupted by the phone and the request to talk to the CEO of the new company tomorrow. :)

But back to the challenge! Since the spontaneous "placement" had worked so well, I also said today: "I'll end up at exactly the place where I need to be today!"

To my great surprise, that was the so-called "horse settlement", where one of my elven spies lives. He immediately said: "You wanted to know when and how our story 'Ghomon & Gorgonn' [Elvish for 'The Man & His Monster'] will finally continue. I can tell you, it could be ready in four weeks if you keep at it." [This means that the window of opportunity opens and flow could be possible.]

T: Now that's a statement!

I've been stuck in this spin-off for months now. I feel like this book is just against me.

Villem was also kind enough to help me out with detailed scenes and plot points, of course. But I don't want to spoil anyone, so I can't post sentences that followed here. Sorry! ;)

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