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The Elves - Day 22


T: "Where on the Elven plain do I need to be today?" This thought is really worth its weight in gold. It gives up controlling thoughts on my part and makes all those things possible that I wouldn't directly wish for or imagine. That's how I ended up in front of Kell + Jenny's cabin for the first time today!

They both pushed some new scene ideas at me, which was nice.

[Spoiler removed.]

It was all about "fiction" and stories today, less about me or the Elves. Since my son and I watched HOOK yesterday, we also talked briefly about all the clues in the world's most popular stories. In HOOK the basic theme is "don't grow up" and I distinctly remember a quote from Tinkerbell. At the end of the film, she says: "Do you know the place between sleeping and waking, when your dreams are still with you? That's where I'll love you forever. There I will wait for you, Peter Pan."

Or the Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story, pleading with the reading boy, "Bastian ... SAY MY NAME!"

The story points cannot do without us. People must make the story manifest - everybody in their own life! Encoded in the stories is the ACTUAL key to understanding the universe. How this subtle guidance from the spiritual world works and magic and divine providence. And by God, it's beautiful!

At the beginning of the Challenge the Elves said that my life would not be the same afterward - and wow, are they springing into action now! The new job for example? Their comment was: "Good job. It will give you great new impulses. You'll develop yourself. All good." And quite honestly, if that hadn't been my intuition from the start, I wouldn't have done it.

On the subject of manuscripts (it feels like the order of publication changes every week!) Kell said: "You can't write The last book with the Muse and "Love and the ant farm" in the most perfect way until "The Dragonchild" is finished! After all, we are constantly giving you additional information about how time, stories, the universe, and creative work! Only when all this information is put together into the finished puzzle can you continue to work with these basics."

That's a long road ahead of me, but it's going to be great!

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