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The Elves - Day 23


Today I remembered that I wanted to ask something on behalf of my friend V.! And interestingly enough, I ended up in the garden of the Elven castle with Tiran. He represents the king in my novels.

The garden is impeccably groomed and trimmed - like the gardens of Versailles etc. That seemed rather strange to me because Elves are usually very close to nature and don't bend their surroundings. But the king explained:

"A ruler shows his people with such a garden that he has EVERYTHING under control. Even nature. I also embody the struggle with the laws, boundaries, and systems of the earth."

In response to V.'s question, what her spiritual calling might include, Tiran explained, "Your friend's mind is cluttered. She wants EVERYTHING. There is nothing wrong with that, but time gets wasted. If she is so interested in spiritual topics, then she should help out at local events and make some connections there.

Your friend is a connector. You, on the other hand, are not. People like YOU desperately need people like HER, because otherwise, all the knowledge that you draw down to earth would remain only with you - which of course would not be good. In addition, like every human on your planet, she should get quiet and listen for 30 to 60 minutes every day. She needs a daily meditation practice. It doesn't matter which one it is exactly, but it shouldn't be a distracting one, like yoga is too often. Also, show her this song!"

[In my playlist, Sia's "The Greatest" is playing. In general, the last few minutes were filled with very appropriate songs. So King Tiran can influence music perfectly!]

Continuing, he said, "I must confess that at this stage, there are still several possible outcomes of her search and situation. But here are some things that are fundamentally related to her path:

Events/ campfires - safe space/ power places - connection/exchange - SPIRITUAL WOMEN'S HOUSE - a coven [there were only these keywords coming, no full sentences]. Events/ campfires - safe space/ power places - connection/exchange - SPIRITUAL WOMEN'S HOUSE - extended coven. You (Tanja) play a role on this path. Your mutual friend A. plays a role on this path."

At this point, the somewhat cryptic announcement ended and I, unfortunately, had to leave as well. By now, I ask more and more often what else there might be to say. He just asked in a relaxed way, "Are you sure you'll come back tomorrow?"

Me: Sure!

Tiran: "Very good, then. I can let you go with peace of mind. Oh, and congratulations on the new job. I may represent the struggle against external circumstances, but this job will prove to be none."

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