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The Elves - Day 5


Today I was thinking about a spell when I entered my meditation. One I could recite to arrive in the white matrix or on the Elven plane more easily. [In retrospect, this came to absolutely nothing, but at the end of 2020 I had a complete and excellent prayer to summon my partners!]

When I arrived at the house, the mood was strangely sombre. In the spirit world, that is highly unusual, because there is not much to be sad about!

Moira showed me a picture almost like a hologram of the floating Elven plane. Crumbs of soil were constantly falling off from the underside. I don't know how that fits in with a timeless, non-physical space, but Moira's worries are very real to me. That is why today, instead of only ever receiving it, I gave energy to THEM. I enlarged my aura to the size of the plane and its protective bubble. It was glorious! After thanking me, Moira nonetheless said: "It's a sad day for storydom." It almost sounds to me like a scribe died somewhere - or a story universe! But I couldn't find out more about this.

The Elven Queen, Trel, led me away from the house and into a scene for the book that seems to be important to her in the near future. She also gave me three tasks:

  1. Put on the identifying signs of a scribe (for example my dearly beloved silver necklace with the feather).

  2. Keep working on the new "Pre-Chronicle", this helps a lot to keep all the strands together [I've started sorting my offline notes exactly the same way they are organised in my writing program on my pc: Headlines in the correct order on the left, text snippets on the right. Authors are just a bit peculiar I guess. ;)]

  3. The questions I uncover while sorting my notes for the novels I can use as interview questions for the Elves. Because, here it comes: Even from their higher vantage point, the Elves CANNOT see, how far their own manuscript has progressed! I could really just shake my head at this, sighing deeply.

But in the end, I was shown a wonderful little thing - the greeting of the Elves: You interlace the fingers of the same hand, bring the two hands to the heart of one, to the heart of the other and come back to the centre. Then both hands together describe a big circle between the two or around both.

So cool!

Because I'm not an anthropologist, my only layman's reference point for this is Disney's movie "Pocahontas", where the heroine signs a tribal greeting of farewell and good luck in the end. There seems to be just SO MUCH we "modern people" don't understand ...

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