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The Elves - Day 6


Today was weird. Cool, but very weird and funny. First, I wasn't IN the house today, but in the meadow behind it. Also, Teal [the adult dragon warrior from my novels] was with me most of the time. I didn't see Moira and Elhin at all. But I had a strong feeling of euphoria and joy (after the rather sad mood yesterday.)

Teal said: "We are celebrating! We're so glad you're finally doing the work and actually coming around every day. The period now - your 'challenge' - is your initiation. It is unspeakably important. And we're also celebrating that after ten years you've finally realised how important our joint project is (and what it is in the first place)."

At the same time, unfortunately, I had a terrible time concentrating today and kept going from the lawn into scenes in the novel. When I asked about this, Teal said:

"Just like you, we can step in and out of the story. And we, like real actors, are by no means immune to the emotions of acting. Because we vibrate quite low compared to other entities, we actually go through the rollercoaster of emotions. Just like on a film set, we can jump into any moment of the script."

[The rest of the session we talked about new scenes for the novel and I don't want to spoil anyone's fun. ;) ]

Addendum from me: A book about a chronicler would be cool. She has to watch the world she describes collapse and be destroyed because her time is running out. That would be so terrible to watch, yet so awesome!!!

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