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The Elves - Day 7


I can't believe I've been doing my challenge for a week now - it feels much shorter!

The session today was unfortunately short and rather chaotic. I was lying on the porch and quickly got cold. For the second time in a row, I also forgot to set my alarm clock to wake me after 40 minutes. But: I flew onto the plane for the first time - transformed into a bird. I had done this several times in the past years as part of a meditation.

Elhin wanted to talk shop about bows and similar things behind the house, but unfortunately, we didn't get around to do that. He remarked: "Do you think channeling is always just sitting around and talking?"

Well ... I guess not?

The most important issue today was that I may be missing scenes in the current Dragon Child manuscript! I get that feeling from time to time. I'll have to check. Otherwise, I "have" to write down the most urgent thing as soon as possible - at the moment it's a scene between one of the spies and the queen. Unfortunately, I have to work the whole month of May, which is tearing everything up a bit. But fortunately, it's only a little over ten hours a week - Corona makes a lot possible these days!

At the end of the session Elhin (of course) had to take the cake again by explaining: "The only way we'll finally know exactly how the manuscript sounds ... is if you read it out loud."

T: Oi! Seriously now?! I would have needed to know that two books ago!

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