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The Elves - Day 8


Today I came to Elhin's house quickly, but nobody was there. I was about to panic and went back to the front of the house when the DRAGONS landed on the surrounding roofs! Rezan was there (he has black scales), Rachel (blue), Rossett (red), and Malich (green). At first, I was really surprised to see them come onto the plain. After all, the dragons and the Elves are mortal enemies in the book! I have to keep reminding myself that ultimately, it's just a set where the story takes place.

Rezan mainly spoke, and contrary to his traits in the book, he was exceedingly gentle.

He said, "Almost no creature is portrayed as ambivalently as the dragon. We hoard wisdom and riches on one side, but are said to be brutal monsters on the other."

Since I'm still having trouble reconciling the domineering "story rezan" with his appearance here, we got into the subject of "who's writing who?" again.

R: "Yes, you can change the story at will. But that does not mean that you can change us or harm us. Us, the concepts and frequencies behind the characters."

As we moved on (we were by now in the portal square) Elhin did turn up. Seeing the two of them so peacefully side by side, I wondered (again) why exactly the story needed to be told.

E: "When the Elves and the dragons finally understood that they were ONE, both species left the earth. The 'Dragon Child' is our legend. It is the story of how we evolved. It describes what we were like when we had not yet reached our highest level of development. Our current frequency. You humans have also not (yet) reached your highest level of development. That is why you need something to strive for. A good example."

T: That could be my work in the future? To tell your legends? Is that what I am?

E: "You are a real scribe. And those are very hard to come by among you nowadays. Because you just don't train them anymore."

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