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The Elves - Day 9


Today I'm glad I got a good connection quickly because I was exhausted. It really is as I suspected: my afternoon slump between 3 and 5 pm is always the ideal moment for me to start channeling. It even seems as if they literally call me and force me to take this break - at the moment when they wanted to talk to me anyway. I definitely have to bring up the subject again in the near future! My connection, as I said, was quick and deep. So deep, in fact, that there wasn't much imagery. Just the message sort of picked up where we left off.

Elhin: "Dolores Cannon was a true scribe, did you know that? Nostradamus too, but he had to hide all his clear messages behind a wall of fog, unfortunately. And then, of course, there are many, many scribes whose names are not so well known."

I was a bit taken aback by the topic, but you take what you can get. And it continued in that style.

E: At the end of the day, the "scribes" produce a Bible or a religious text.

T: I'm not writing a Bible.

E: Says who?

T: Ummm ...

E: Everyone will tell you that writers build something called a 'canon'. A canon is a set of rules, teachings and occurrences from their story universe - the point in the morphic field that they pick. A canon is used by people to relate to others. Luther's canon was completely different from the Catholic canon; and fans of everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars regularly get into endless fights over what fits into the canon and what doesn't. That's why you say people fight "religiously" or "almost fanatically" for something. They follow a canon, it's only natural! If these people find other people who have the same set of thoughts in their head - that can be a Bible or a novel - then this group gets along well.

YOU ARE WRITING A CANON. Meaning: the people who get to know your work also get to know each other. That's the point of this exercise (apart from the fact that the words had to be made manifest in the first place).

Honestly, I shoved the word Bible out of my head as soon as possible. I was brought up in a house where that book was considered to be outdated, evil even. NOT because the book is evil, but because people do evil things and say: "Well it says here I have to burn you alive, so you can go to heaven. You can thank me later!"

Also, it is of utmost importance to note that the spirit world ALWAYS takes things literal. Purely literal. And the word "biblia" means "a collection or library of books". Nothing more. The word is not at fault here. Our interpretation of all the meanings of this simple word is.

In hindsight, I can very much stand for the sentence, that I write "biblia" - a collection of (currently 7) books. Not more, not less than that.

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