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Jormungandr - Day 10


I lit some incense today to get into the mood for channeling. When I had my connection, Jormungandr was everything but pleased about this!

J: Ugh ... sssssnake repellant!

T: Oh, you don't enjoy incense?

J: I am a water serpent, my element is water. Not air.

T: I'm sorry, I tried to be inviting with my ritual.

J: You are inviting, just not to me. With these AIR rituals, you connect to AIR spirits. You might even get into contact with the four winds themselves, but all the creatures that wind and crawl are repelled by the fire and smoke.

T: Again, I'm sorry. I thought a ritual is always good to connect with the gods.

J: I am no god. I told you, I am very earthbound. I cannot be a 'god', whatever this constitutes. Nor am I demonic. I reside in the in-between.

T: Thank you for clearing this up. [I show him my new snake bracelet). I wear your sign now. I hope you like it.

J: It is somewhat adequate. Real silver or gold would be better, but this is a start.

T: It reminds me of your wise words.

J: Then it is indeed befitting. This I want. Whenever you go off-balance, get 'worked up' or forget what you should have learned, I shall remind you of balance.

T: Is a balanced life an ordinary life?

J: No. First of all, because ordinary humans don't ponder too many thoughts of balance. And second, because everybody's balance is very different. We told you to find YOUR balance.

T: [thinks of a million things.]

J: You are distracted today. That is okay, don't worry. But write those E-Mails you wanted to write. [I thought about writing to some 'important' people who channel, too.]

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