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Jormungandr- Day 26-28

There is this beautiful, very fitting saying: "Life is what happens while you make plans."

Day 26 - 01.07.2020

Unfortunately, I got absolutely no connection today. I just listened to some great music.


Tag 27 - 02.07.2020

Nothing. Again. I'm getting somewhat nervous. Three days and my month with Jormangandr will be over. What if he doesn't talk to me again? We didn't even say our goodbyes.

COINCIDENTLY [haha], I saw on my calendar, that our lasts official day together will be Sunday. The day we pack our RV and start our summer holiday! I honestly had no idea this would fit so well.

Well played, dear snake.

Well played.


Tag 28 - 03.07.2020

Again, next to nothing. I'm actually worried now. But this came through:

"Your mind feels like a sandstorm if your mind isn't ready for our work."

I have to admit, these last few days were stressful. My head is one long To-Do-List for our trip.

At least I clocked out of work yesterday and started my holiday, which was SO necessary for my head. The second short tip the snake managed to get into my skull was:

"Use my name more often, if you want to talk to me. It really helps."

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