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Jormungandr - Day 29/30


Today I wanted to do it right. Really concentrate. I wanted to give my very best. And I was rewarded.

In my mind's eye, Jormungandr came slithering over the field next to my house, came nearer and nearer, and seemed to call me to him. I traveled there in my mind and looked at him for a long time.

J: Do you understand now? How magic works? It is like learning to read. A skill that will open up a whole universe of possibilities.

T: I do. I understand.

J: Everything you desire can indeed be attracted into your life by magic. You only need the second sight. Now you understand that fire can take shape. That water talks and that patterns are the most prevalent form of letters from god. Sticky notes, if you will. Little reminders. When you see a figure dancing in a fire, it is not because you have gone crazy. It is because to YOU it should just now speak of dancing. Spirit devotes a lot of care, energy and devotion into this communication. "Coincidence" is only the most "IN YOUR FACE" form of these messages, but by far not the only one. And the sender of the message awards greatly those who WILL (not can) become aware of them. AWARENESS practices are not only a trend rushing by. Awareness is absolutely NEEDED, if you (as a species) want to survive this millennium. I told you again and again about the 40 minutes and now you need to tell others.

T: Will I see you again after tomorrow? What about the books you want me to produce?

J: What about them? You will them into existence. And the reward will be yours.

T: Hm, I've heard that one before. I thought the Muse was going to be my breakthrough.

J: Only your ego thought so because the Muse is a relatively 'light' read. But it's not done yet, so it cannot award you fully right now. A bucket of water still filling up from a tab cannot be carried home yet. You are bound to stand there and wait for it. Energetically, an unfinished series of books is quite similar. It yearns to be done. Your problem is not the Muse not showing up at your doorstep. She would. Your problem is having invited MANY sources with your artist's prayer and now going back on your promise. That is not only unwise, but it is also very unfair of you. YOU wished for a state of writing similar to what the Muse did – and the Elves and I delivered. Now – because what you write down here is very far away from fiction – you don't want to share your newfound wisdom. But you'll have to eventually, and you will. The Elves made it very easy for you, that's why they went first. Of me, you were quite afraid at first, but we came closer over the last month. And I was – like I said – only 'one step up'. Go and have your break now. [Summer break at school, holiday.] Take July off. But in August, look out for the next minor god within your reach. It will reveal itself to you. For it, too, has a lot to say and offer.

T: Will I speak to you once more tomorrow?

J: No, not very likely. I would come, but your mind is going to be very preoccupied again.

T: I will still do my best then!

J: Good.


Day 30


Just as Jormungandr predicted, I was too tired to channel today. That's just life - and a typical RV holiday. ;)

After taking July off, I talked to the aspect of RAGE in August. And believe me, even if rage is not really an issue for you, it's a fascinating read. You can read the start of our conversation here!

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