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Jormungandr - Day 25


I’ll admit that I didn’t channel »the right way« again, just in bed, ready to fall asleep. Nevertheless, there was fascinating information waiting for me concerning elemental beings. [If someone had told me that I would some day somewhat understand the concept and write about it, I would have declared them insane on the spot!]

But first – because I constantly worry about publication – this sentence came through: "LET THE BOOK CREATE ITSELF."

[I strongly feel that this has to do with the windows of opportunities for every topic and kind of work. I add to the text every day, and that is enough for now.]

Our conversation then drifted to unicorns, which are also not here bodily, but according to Jormungandr fall into the ether category. And the horse [seemingly my spirit animal? Remember I hate horses] was counted to the fire beings. Well, that is puzzling! Can this be true?

In every case, my list of chakras now looks more like this if you add in all the elemental beings.

1) Fire – Horses + Muses [I googled this one. It kind of makes sense, and then again, for ME the Muse showed itself speaking for the 2. chakra. Maybe she is in-between, because she definitely »has force« while, above all, she creates.]

2) Earth – Dragons

3) Water – World Serpent, mermaid

4) Love/Light – ?

5) Air – Elves

6) Ether – Unicorns

7) Pure Energy – ?

Well, there are definitely still a lot of holes in this system of thought. I think there’s still a long road of learning ahead of me ...

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