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Jormungandr - Day 12

[16.06.2020 – no connection.]

Today I thought about how much I hate jogging, but love Nordic Walking. I'm actually getting somewhat addicted to walking my rounds. Since the start of the pandemic, it's the few things I can do not to go crazy at home.

J: Everything you shunned, I set before you. Everything you admired, I paused.

T: [thinks about rituals, and how much walking and spirituality are intertwined.]

J: You don't need to walk to Mecca (or wherever), nor to the nearest temple throwing yourself into the dirt every few steps. But DO grant me time in your day – every single day!

The Sabbath was a nice concept, fitting for a time when one bread was the yield of your day's work. Now, demand 40 Minutes for yourself, one hour if you want to write something down, draw something etc.! THIS is how you never lose balance, never miss your step. We are BIG helpers, so grant us the time to help.

T: I'm sorry yesterday was a miss. I really tried to concentrate.

J: You now also realize that these moments are truly seldom. And that the day after is often worth the 'wait'.

T: You told me that you keep me safe. Can I ask you about those moments in my life?

J: You have always valued safety. It's partly because you experienced intoxicated, hateful masses before - as a witch, for example. It's why you don't enjoy drinking, and neither do the females of your family. But there were other incidents, too. Near misses in your car, where we steered the wheel for you. A doctor, sent to the VERY right place at the VERY right time. Your soul's family sedating you after eye surgery, when nobody would give you pain medication to be able to sleep. And yes, even human shields. Your sister. Your mother on smaller occasions. And in this, we don't shy away from saying: You are not even special!

T: Somehow this is reassuring.

J: That's because it would be very hard to know that you are shielded while others are not. You even realized that we protect you a while back. You drove onto an ice patch and were sure to crash into a nearby pole. And you closed your eyes and simply started praying. Your brake was stomped down all the way – useless on the ice. But you stopped a centimetre short of the impact. Everything was fine.

[Every word the snake said is true. As a new driver, I got onto a patch of ice once, and I almost hit a metal post. It wouldn't have been a catastrophe, but which 18-year-old wouldn't have freaked out completely at that moment?]

T: You never actually pointed this out, and you don't even expect anything in return.

J: Oh, we have expected a lot in return – just nothing you have consciously known or could consciously give – until now.

T: The writing.

J: The writing. Yes.

T: I really worry that I will die when everything is written down.

J: You will. Just like EVERYBODY ELSE WHO FULFILS THEIR LIFE'S TASK. But since there are a million side tasks, you can still occupy your body for a looooong while after the most important things are done.

T: Does the protection stop then?

J: Of course not. Not ever.

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