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Jormungandr - Day 13


T: Thank you so much for watching over me and mine. I needed to add this to yesterday's lesson.

J: You're welcome.

T: [thinks about Camping vans ... again]

J: Dream your grandest dreams now. Be bold. You can have everything. Travel to friends, interview partners, other authors. Family, your husband and love. You CAN have it all. [This sentence is deceiving, because it SEEMS like it is just for me. But it is really for ALL humans. I'm not the only channel receiving the message to DREAM BIG at the moment. The fantastic channel Lee Carroll gets this all the time, too!]

T: God, that sounds good. (Pause) What a strange, strange time. Everything changes SO fast.

J: And for the better.

T: So it seems. But so many are dead. [Corona]

J: They planned to leave anyway. It was time. Everything finds a new rhythm now. Even you as a couple. It's really no wonder that there's some friction. You'll manage – or leave. You both either stay in fear or you move to heights you have never known. So DREAM. Go make a list. Minimums and Maximums. You can always upgrade!

T: Thank you so much.

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